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So, you may remember that I said I’d be kicking off Tarot Every Day today. And you may remember that I said I was using the Shadowscapes tarot. Well, a couple of things happened.

One, I did start doing my reading today, at around 4:50. I finally ripped my deck out of its plastic sheath and started shuffling. That was a big mistake. It wasn’t until halfway through the reading that I discovered that my deck was smuggling several doubles. If I had taken the time to thumb through the deck I probably would have noticed right away.

However, I probably wouldn’t have even caught it if I hadn’t chosen the Opening of the Key as my first tarot spread. I know what you’re thinking, I must be crazy to do such a hard spread for my very first time using tarot cards. Yeah. Probably. But I figure since it was a special occasion I figured I’d be able to pull it off. And honestly, OOTK isn’t a hard spread to DO, mechanically. It’s just a lot of information to take in, and a lot of interpretation to do.

What I decided to do was record each stage and interpret it later. I honestly don’t know the cards well enough to interpret them on the fly, but the meanings are kicking around in my subconscious somewhere. So that was always the plan. The problem was, I got through the second operation twice before I found all the doubles (I really suck at counting things). And then I had to take a break and eat some ice-cream to take the edge off my frustration. Plus I took pictures of every phase.

So here I am, three and a half hours later with a splitting headache, writing this to tell you that the writeup for tonight’s reading might not get posted until tomorrow. But I feel really good about it. A lot of things came together in that last reading to make me feel like maybe the stress was worth it, and that I’m going to be glad I went and did it anyway instead of doing something easier or giving up completely.

So to abate your suspense I will point you to this webcomic. (No it doesn’t have anything to do with tarot other than the name.) It’s a finished comic, and I read it ages ago, but because of it I had to laugh every time the Queen of Wands came up in my reading. Hope you enjoy it!


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