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Opening of the Key

Welcome to part three of my autumn equinox Opening of the Key reading. Part one can be found here. The Opening of the Key is srs bzns, and by that I mean it’s a lot to take in so I hope you’re prepared for some heavy reading. I do my best to be concise, but it’s still a lot of information. Ready? Let’s go.

Third Operation

Operation 3

This phase represents the “continued development of the matter.” It is conducted in exactly the same manner as the second operation, except the cards are interpreted according to the signs of the zodiac instead of the astrological Houses, so I’m not going to list the steps here. The main difference between phases two and three is that the different stacks represent aspects of your personality, rather than aspects of your personal life.

As a reminder, the question I chose at the beginning of this reading was: “How will my spiritual path unfold in the course of the next year?”

Sign of Aries – “I am”. This sign represents how I express my inner nature, and is characterized by being willful or assertive. It is dominated by the Nine of Pentacles, the card of exercising self-control and relying on oneself. This seems to say that putting my high ideals into practice is very important to me, and that I don’t rely on others to carry me along to spiritual enlightenment – I will find it myself.

Sing of Taurus – “I have”. This sign represents the embodied aspect of spiritual forces, and is characterized by being grounded and practical. It is dominated by the Queen of Pentacles, the card of nurturing and using a soft touch while staying down-to-earth and able to keep those secrets one is entrusted with. This could mean that I need to make more of an effort to tend my friendships carefully and be more generous and open-hearted – or that I have someone like this in my life that I need to appreciate more.

Sign of Gemini – “I think”. This sign represents curiosity, cleverness, and communication, and is characterized by being social and rational. It is dominated by the Heirophant, the card of pursuing knowledge, following the rules, and identifying with a group. This seems to be saying that my social life will become very important to me, and that by choosing to “play the game” I will be able to increase my influence and extend my reach to those whom I think would benefit from what I have to offer.

Sign of Cancer – “I feel”. This sign represents nurturing, belonging, and emotional bonds, and is characterized by being sensitive and having a rich inner life. It is dominated by The Fool. This could mean that when it comes to my important relationships, I need to let go of my expectations and trust my heart. It could also mean the beginning of a new journey with someone I care about; perhaps someone who has not entered my life yet.

Sign of Leo – “I love”. This sign represents self-expression and acting from the heart, and is characterized by using artistic or creative expression to reveal one’s true self. It is dominated by the High Priestess, the card of waiting patiently and trusting one’s inner voice to intuitively uncover one’s hidden talents. This suggests that my own creative expression will be driven by my intuition, and by making myself emotionally vulnerable I will find the key to unlocking my inner potential.

Sign of Virgo – “I serve”. This sign represents perfectionism and adaptability, and is characterized by helping others and maintaining one’s physical fitness. This card is dominated by The Lovers, the card of making connections, questioning beliefs and opinions, and struggling with temptation. This seems to reinforce the idea that my personal relationships will become increasingly important to me, but also warns that my heart may be bigger than my hands; which is to say, I need to be careful not to care too much that I over-commit myself and end up damaging myself and others.

Sign of Libra – “We are”. This sign represents partnerships and interdependency, and is characterized by seeing others as equals. It is dominated by the Five of Swords, the card of putting your own needs first and experiencing conflict. Here the message appears to be that despite the increasing importance of my social life and personal relationships, there will be times when I need to look out for myself and stick to my guns. I have to learn to be vulnerable without showing weakness.

Sign of Scorpio – “We have”. This sign represents change, transformation, and breaking through limitations, and is characterized by being intensely passionate and standing up for yourself. This card is dominated by the Two of Wands, the card of wielding influence and taking initiative. This seems to be saying that I need to be my own point man in my spiritual life, and not be afraid to assert myself or use what authority I gain to direct others in a new direction – to the benefit of them and myself.

Sign of Sagittarius – “We think”. This sign represents becoming part of a larger society and the expansion of consciousness, and is characterized by idealist thinking and greater awareness of your connections to the rest of the world, which leads to a clearer image of the big picture. This card is dominated by the King of Swords, the card of the intellectual, analytical thinking of someone who communicates ideas clearly. This could point toward taking on a role as a spokesperson for my community because of the way I live by my principles and honor all sides of an issue, regardless of which side I happen to fall on myself.

Sign of Capricorn – “We achieve”. This sign represents ambition, prioritizing truth, and working toward the ideal of the perfect society, and is characterized by focused discipline and bringing abstract theory into concrete reality. It is dominated by the Six of Cups, the card of sharing what one has and appreciating the simpler joys of life. This could mean that the society that I will work toward – and that I will urge others to work toward – will be founded upon the tenants of charity and forgiveness. It reminds me that I need to exemplify these traits if I am to show others how a society can be built upon them.

Sign of Aquarius – “We love”. This sign represents free-thinking unrestrained by outdated “orthodox” theology, and is characterized by idealistic or even utopian ideas and friendships based around a common goal. It is dominated by the King of Pentacles, the card of philanthropy and making ideas work. This seems to say that when the time comes for putting ideals into action, I will be the one people look to, to get things done, and to be the icon of our message; or that someone like this will enter my life and use his resources and influence me to push me toward a level of success I could not have otherwise achieved.

Sign of Pisces – “We serve”. This sign represents surrendering to the universe, compassion and empathy, and, for a time, withdrawing from the world, and it is characterized by spiritual sensitivity and imagination. It is dominated by the Hermit, the card of quieting the self and looking inward. This seems to say that despite all the energy invested into social circles, despite all the time spent reaching out and forming new relationships, despite every best effort to nurture and grow my closest friendships, despite every drop of tears, sweat, and blood spent in building a community I can be proud to own and belong to, after everything…I will only find truth within myself. In the end, everything I am stems from and ends with what and who I Am.

Well…that wasn’t a heavy reading or anything.

Now it’s time to unpack the stack of cards containing my significator, the Ace of Swords. This time it’s the sign of Pisces, as personified by the Hermit (of course). As in the first and second operations, the meaning of these cards must be viewed through the lens of Pisces, which is associated with water (emotions) and the death/rebirth cycle.


The Ace of Swords is flanked by the Six of Wands and the Hermit. The Ace of swords primarily symbolizes awakening to truth and finding the strength to overcome, while the Six of Wands speaks of prevailing against all odds and being vindicated, and the Hermit here seems to hint at giving up distractions and accepting some timely advice. Since we’re talking about dealing with emotions, this must be understood as finally overcoming myself, and those emotions of worry and doubt that kept me from being still and accessing my inner resolve.

Counting five from the Ace of Swords, including the Ace itself, we land on the Ace of Wands, flanked by the Two of Cups and the Six of Wands. The Ace of Wands represents expressing oneself and allowing one’s innate talent to unfold, while the Two of Cups symbolizes making connections as well as bringing together opposites, while the Six of Wands denotes feelings of pride due to receiving praise or achieving recognition. This foreshadows a sense of satisfaction that comes from success and finally “making it.”

Counting five from the Ace of Wands, we land on Judgment, flanked by the Hermit and the Two of Cups. Judgment represents seeing things in a new light, making a choice, and forgiving yourself. This seems to say that in order to deal with my emotions, I will need to turn a critical eye to my inner thought-life and eschew ways of thinking that are causing me to be stressed or make bad decisions, but as per the Two of Cups I will be happy with the result and, even though facing up to my mistakes might be unpleasant, I will eventually be able to forgive and forget the person I used to be.

Counting three from Judgment, we land on the Ace of Wands, and since we landed on this card previously this step is over and we can move onto pairing the cards. As always, we’ll keep it brief.

Judgment & The Hermit

Looking within is the key to forgiving myself

Two of Cups & Ace of Swords

My journey to awakening will bring healing – to myself and others

Ace of Wands & Six of Wands

It’s okay to take pride in myself and to show enthusiasm


So…wow. I can’t help but feel like all of the cards in this operation were extremely well-aspected. Evey single one of these cards fits its position perfectly. It’s to the point where I wouldn’t even blame you if you accused me of rigging this reading; I’m almost convinced I did myself! I hope you stop by tomorrow for the fourth operation, as well as tomorrow’s regular reading. Comments are always appreciated.


Most of my information about the card meanings was pulled from

Most of my information on the astrological signs was pulled from Astrotheme and this BioPsiences article.


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