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How can I take care of my friends?

It’s Tuesday, so that means another 3-card spread. Since the cards have been telling me lately that relationships are a huge weak point in my life, I decided to ask the question “How can I take care of my friends?” This is the answer I recieved

The Four of Wands represents celebrating, cutting loose, and looking forward expectantly. It seems that in the past, I was best meeting my friends’ needs by celebrating them and celebrating with them. It also points toward helping others out of oppressing situations that they can’t fully handle on their own, which I have definitely done on more than one occasion.

The Knight of Pentacles represents the tireless march onward while keeping true to personal convictions, and speaks of facing the truth and predicting problems before they arrive; “nipping it in the bud” so to speak. According to this card, what my friends need most from me is to stay loyal to them while maintaining my ideals…without becoming inflexible and forgetting to have fun

The Devil is an interesting card to draw here. On the surface, without looking into it too much, it seems to suggest playing “devil’s advocate,” taking up the opposite view so that the other person has a clearer understanding of both sides. It could mean that in the future my friends might need me to push them to indulge a bit, to get them to loosen up. We’ll have to see how this one plays out.

[This reading was done on 9/24/13 at 11:30pm]


– – – – – – – Update – – – – – –

Before I did my reading for Wednesday I drew for clarification on the Devil, since I put the cards back in the deck in the same order that I drew them. I got the Queen of Swords. I’m not really sure how having honesty and wit ties into temptation and spiritual bondage. Maybe using humor to defeat feelings of hopelessness and low self worth? It could be. That hasn’t ever worked for me in the past, but maybe I’ll get better at it. Still waiting to see how this one plays out.


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