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Thursday is the day of money, and also hammers. So I figured, why not ask a finance question? I’ve struggled with money all year so I guess it couldn’t hurt. My question for today is “What is the best way for me to generate an income?” That’s vague enough that just about any answer will fit, right?

The Eight of Wands represents rushing into a new idea and putting plans into action. God knows I’ve started way more things than I finished. That isn’t to say that my results weren’t good when I did actually manage to do something; but this tendency is definitely something to be aware of. This could point to a need for brainstorming, or perhaps revisiting old ideas and fleshing them out.

The Two of Pentacles is the card of balance, and represents adapting quickly and juggling many responsibilities. This has been too true lately, especially this week. I’ve been called stingy, but the only thing keeping me from poverty has been the judicious management of what little money I do receive. My present moment is dominated by this constant balancing act.

The Three of Cups represents being in the flow, bursting with energy, and collaborating with others in the community; some of whom you might even be friends with. This seems to say that the key to opening up my finances is unlocking my energy. I’ve certainly always felt this to be true. I’ve always had a huge issue with not having enough energy, but hopefully this card points to me being able to figure that out – and start collaborating!

And I guess if that doesn’t work I can always sell hammers.

[This reading was done on 9/26/13 at 11:30pm]


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