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What traits do I need to bring forward this week?

As we begin October I decided to get a little introspective and ask “What traits do I need to bring forward this week?” Instead of doing a positional spread like past-present-future or problem-obstacle-advice, I decided to just draw three cards and interpret them in context of each other. Coincidentally, October is the 10th (?????) month, and this is my 10th tarot reading. It’s almost like I planned it that way! (Trust me people, if I could plan that far ahead I wouldn’t need to be messing around with tarot cards.)

The Ten of Pentacles is the card of creating a lasting foundation, nailing down a plan, and financial security. This seems to say that I should try to focus on setting myself up for success in the future. Perhaps I need to prioritize the brainstorming session mentioned in yesterday’s reading, and start to flesh out some of those ideas into actual possible plans. When I pulled this card my intuition also said “You need to be more generous.” I suppose it meant with my time or attention because I’m already out of money this week.

The Queen of Wands is the card of tackling a task with dedication, being busy and active, and shaking off negative emotions (or in my case, being sick). This seems like a pretty timely card, since the family reunion this Saturday is going to be held at my house and I have, oh, three days to completely clean it and do all the yardwork? This card is just a reminder that it’s time to get my clean on.

The Hermit is the card of introspection, solace, and withdrawal. This may be a hint that while I’ll be setting everything up for the reunion, it may not be a good idea to actually be there when it happens. I’m not much for parties anyway, but now may not be the time for me to socialize and entertain. Since I’ll likely be zapped by the end of the week, I probably won’t have the capacity to be a gracious host. Everyone might be better off if I have an excuse to be absent.

So as you can probably tell, my life this week is going to revolve around this reunion thing. Hopefully once it’s over I’ll be able to turn more of my attention back to this blog (as well as other things that are being neglected) and write about something other than my usual tarot readings.

[This reading was done on 10/1/13 at 8:00pm]


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