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What do I need to prioritize this week?A new week, a new tarot reading. Today I’ll do a three-card spread, but instead of the past-present-future layout I’m going to change it up a bit. To get some perspective, I decided to ask “What do I need to prioritize/pay attention to this week?”

The Seven of Cups is the card that will help me the most. It represents daydreaming, letting my imagination loose, getting to pick and choose, as well as to some extent being lazy. This means that the best thing for me to do this week is brainstorming and keeping my options open, instead of rushing in and trying to act on an idea that isn’t fully formed.

Justice is the card that will hinder me the most. It represents being fair, honest, and impartial. This means I need to be aware of the ways in which I’m not being objective. It could be that I’m not being fair with someone, someone is not being fair to me, or I’m not being fair to myself. I need to try to not be too hard on myself and see things for what they are.

The Ten of Wands is the card of my unrealized potential. It represents being under pressure, having too many responsibilities, and creativity being blocked. It may be that cutting back in some of my self-imposed responsibilities will allow me to flourish in other areas. I need to be careful that I’m not biting off more than I can chew.

It seems like taking it easy is the order of the day. That’s probably good advice considering I’ve been on the verge of getting sick, and if I push myself too hard I’m liable to come down with the flu or something (especially since the weather just changed). I’ll have to keep this stuff in mind as the week wears on.

[This reading was done on 9/30/13 at 8:20pm]


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