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Which element should I be channeling this week?

I decided to go non-positional again and ask “Which element should I be channeling this week (and how)?” I realize that this is probably something I’d be better served by knowing at the beginning of the week, so I will probably build it into my Monday reading somehow.

As you may or may not know, each tarot card corresponds to one of the four traditional elements (event he Major Arcana, if indirectly). My reading today will be double-layered; I will take every card’s element at face value and whichever element come out strongest, that’s the element I’ll be channeling. After that I will take a basic surface-level reading of each card’s meaning and apply that to the method in which I should focus that element’s energy.

The cards I drew were the Tower, the Knight of Swords, and Temperance. I also drew a card from the bottom of the deck, sometimes called the “shadow card”, to get clarification on the reading in general – the Two of Swords. Major Arcana are always more powerful than Minor Arcana (that’s why they’re called Trumps after all), so we’ll have to weight them differently than the other two cards.

The Tower is associated with Mars, and therefore the element of Fire. I’m a bit of a traditionalist, and so I associate the suit of Swords with Fire instead of Air as in most tarot decks, so the Knight of Swords gives us another Fire card [I decided later that it would be easier just to follow the association of whatever deck I’m using, which in this case is Air for Swords; this doesn’t change the overall outcome]. Temperance is associated with Saggitarious, also a Fire sign. As you can see, the element of this reading is overwhelmingly Fire (or fire and air, if you follow the Golden Dawn interpretation; but still mainly fire because of the trumps).

So obviously it would be a good idea to channel Fire, the element of passion and creativity. But what exactly does this mean? What am I channeling into? We have to take a glance at the cards themselves to figure that out.

The Tower is a foreboding card that often symbolizes catastrophe and crisis. However, it can also symbolize a sudden realization that tears down the walls we have built around us to isolate ourselves. This card encourages me to heed that flash of intuitive insight I witness in moments of stillness.

Temperance represents looking for a middle ground and finding harmony. This card encourages me to find a happy medium between work and relaxation, which channeling the element of Fire will help me achieve.

In between these two forces is the Knight of Swords, which I feel could be something of a significator for myself in this situation. This card represents being direct, speaking in no uncertain terms, as well as setting aside emotions to analyze a situation clearly. This probably means that I’m letting myself get tied up in some things I need to cut out of my life because it makes me feel good or because I don’t want to disappoint someone or let them down.

Underlying all this is the Two of Swords, representing keeping your cool and calling a truce, but could also signify closing your eyes to your true feelings and being indecisive. While the other cards clearly hint that a decision of some sort must be made, this card probably represents what is holding me back. Instead of pretending that everything is fine and I can handle it, as the Knight of Swords I need to take a hard look at my life and realize there’s nothing left–er, and realize that I need to let go of some things; and if I have to be assertive to get it done then channeling Fire will help me to do it.

So, altogether a fairly interesting reading. Ironically, pulling the “shadow card” turned out to be quite illuminating. It seems this dual-wielding Knight of Swords has a lot of balancing to do this week. We’ll see how that turns out.

[This reading was done on 10/2/13 at 8:32pm]


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