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What subconscious patterns of thought are holding me back?

Well you knew it had to happen eventually. I wasn’t able to do the write-up for yesterday’s reading so you get two in a  row (sort of) today. Since I’ve been getting a lot of readings about being balanced lately but not so much advice on how, I decided to ask “What subconscious patterns of thought are holding me back?” Today I’m using a simple situation-problem-advice spread

The Two of Pentacles is the card of, well, balance, but specifically relating to the material world. This is pretty appropriate, if you read yesterday’s post about my family reunion (which is tomorrow). I have a whole lot to do and little time to do it, what with balancing cleaning, yardwork, managing this blog, etc.

The King of Swords is usually a pretty good card for me, but in the negative sense it represents over-analyzing a situation, or having too much information to absorb and make sense of at once. It could also mean I need to be more forthcoming with my thoughts and feelings to people.

The King of Pentacles represents being skilled, either mentally or physically, as well as being generous, and occasionally points to meeting deadlines and encouraging the accomplishments of others. This seems to reinforce and clarify the readings from earlier in the week that seem to say that I need to find what I am good at and be generous with it, rather than trying to figure out what would be the right thing to say at the right time (which is something I’ve never been good at).

Speaking of deadlines, I have one coming up now.

[This reading was done on 10/3/13 at 11:55pm]


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