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What do I need to know about pursuing a career in writing?


It’s that time again; the Celtic Cross returns and this time we’re revisiting the issue from yesterday; namely, whether I should consider becoming a professional writer. Since the decision spread was a little vague I decided to ask “What do I need to know about pursuing a career in writing?”

The center card is the Two of Pentacles, which represents change, balance, and going with the flow. This describes my current situation pretty well, since I’m weighing my options about this whole writing thing.

Crossing the center card is the Seven of Cups. This card represents the temptation to indulge in wishful thinking when considering an array of choices. It also has the connotation of having to make the choice to pursue your dream or take the safer, more realistic road.

The Nine of Swords is in the left arm of the cross, representing worry, doubt, or guilt in my past (possibly about my writing) that is still influencing how I think about the decision. It could be that my habit of being hard on myself as a perfectionist is holding me back somehow.

The Eight of Cups is in the right arm of the cross, representing setting out on a journey of discovery and devoting yourself to spiritual pursuits, but also becoming listless or burnt out. Which possible future actually manifests may depend on how the Seven of Cups situation plays out.

The High Priestess is at the top of the cross, representing trusting your intuition and guidance from your subconscious mind, as well as removing yourself from a situation and waiting patiently and passively. It could be that I need to turn to my dreams to help me explore the situation further that simply consulting tarot cards will allow. It’s possible I need to take a larger view, and perhaps work to uncover some talents that remain heretofore uncovered, before I’m ready to pursue the path of professional writing.

Speaking of subconscious forces, the King of Pentacles is at the bottom of the cross, representing making a successful venture, being skillful and reliable, making an opportunity out of adversity, as well as being generous and attentive. Perhaps this card is saying that this is the person I wish I could be, and that I see professional writing as a path toward becoming that person.

At the top of the staff is the Ace of Swords, my significator from my Opening of the Key reading. This says that my own modus operandi is to objectively analyze a situation in order to think my way through a problem and overcome obstacles in my path. While I don’t have the best track record of dealing with setbacks, I do have a tendency to just not quit when it comes to doing something I either feel passionately about or know I need to do in order to avoid consequences that are worse than the suffering I’ll have to endure to get something done.

Next down is the Page of Wands, meaning that my environment and the energy surrounding me is full of creativity and enthusiasm. This can certainly be said to be true of the blog niche I find myself in, and the people to whom I have gravitated to and those who have gravitated toward me.

After that is the Star, meaning that there is something that I need to know but am not yet aware of having to do with my hopes, expectations, motivations, and troubles. There are a lot of ways this card could be interpreted in this context. It could be that pursuing a writing career will require a leap of faith.

At the bottom of the staff is the King of Swords, representing the final outcome of the synthesis of all the energies represented in the reading. It’s likely that this will represent the kind of person I will become as a result of my experiences in pursuing a writing career: sharp, judicious, and eloquent. This is the personification of the symbolism of the Ace of Swords. This suggests that regardless of how rocky the path will be, significant personal growth will take place. I will certainly learn a lot about writing as an art form and an industry that could help me in the future.

This is a much more lucid reading than yesterday’s decision spread, although still not quite as hopeful as I wished it could be. It seems there’s really no “right” decision here. Perhaps I will do other readings next week about other possible careers that will give me a better picture of my options.

[This reading was done on 10/5/13 at 10:25pm]


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