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What is my deepest desire?

Today I’ll be covering another cool spread called the Tetractys, or as I like to call it, the Triforce. The tetractys is a metaphorical symbol for the harmony of the spheres, or heavenly bodies, and also has some symbolic ties to the Tree of Life. It also looks like a Triforce. So in the spirit of the Triune Goddesses [Disclaimer: no goddesses were invoked in the reading of this spread] I decided to ask the cards “What is my deepest desire?” Or in other words, what would happen if I were to lay my hands on the golden Triforce and make a wish?

The first row of the tetractys represents the four classical elements and what they symbolize, starting with Earth as the physical aspect of the question, and moving onto Water as the emotional aspect, Air as the intellectual aspect, and Fire as the Spiritual aspect.  The second row simply denotes past, present, and future. The third row represents the conscious and unconscious forces in play, and the final card is the Premise of the reading, or the spiritual root of the question. In addition, I also grouped the cards into the three parts of the Triforce, although that isn’t part of the traditional reading of this spread. I have no idea how that will affect the reading, but I’m sure it will be fun trying to figure it out!

The Earth card is the Page of Wands. This card represents being creative and optimistic, as well as tackling a new challenge or taking new risks. It is a card of courage and determination. This could mean that I’m determined not to let my physical circumstances get the better of me and douse the flame of self-expression. It may also indicate that I’m ready to move on to new things and go on an adventure.

The Water card is the King of Pentacles. This card represents generosity, encouraging others, graciously giving time and attention, as well as being calm and stable despite outside influences. It is the card of practicality and skillfulness. This could mean that while my heart may want to bleed for others, I know better than to get wrapped up in other people’s pain. I also make a tireless effort not to let my own emotions control me, and while some things still set me off, I’m becoming better at distancing myself from negative people and not responding to the things they say with anger or judgment.

The Air card is the Wheel of Fortune. This card represents opening up to good luck, changing direction, and having a clear vision. It is the card of change and discovery. Even though I’m asking the cards what my desire is, I basically already know what lies in my heart. It never hurts to expand your perspective, however.

The Fire card is the Star. This card represents holding nothing back and letting love flow freely. It is the card of hope, inspiration, and serenity. This seems to say that my spiritual life is in harmony with my deepest desires, and that one flows naturally out of the other. I am finding my center, and the center will hold.

The Past is depicted by the Five of Wands, which symbolizes rising to a challenge but also being at odds with others and being hassled by many minor setbacks. This has certainly been true in many respects, as nothing in my past has persisted into my present because of many small things adding up to one big mess. Although I have overcome many challenges in my past, I have very little to show for it physically, and in the process have burned several bridges as well.

The Present is depicted by the Ten of Cups, which symbolizes feelings of joy and peace, as well as taking time to appreciate what you have. I have certainly tried to make an effort to practice gratitude more often lately, and I have been taking more time to meditate and center myself. While I wouldn’t call what I have now peace or joy, it is definitely much easier now to stay centered spiritually and emotionally, and I do feel like I’m making progress.

The Future is depicted by the Fool, which symbolizes beginning an adventure, letting go of expectations, and to some extent, naiveté. This card suggests that if I stay on my current path, I will find my way toward being the kind of person who can head out with reckless abandon and trust my intuition to guide my steps, letting go of fear and embracing the unexpected. I will be empowered to make leaps of faith I wouldn’t even have considered before. Many will call me foolish, but the results will speak for themselves.

Just for kicks I decided to pull two shadow cards from the bottom of the deck to clarify the Present card and to finish out the inverted middle triangle of the Triforce, sometimes called the Triforce of Shadow or the final piece of the Tetraforce. It is sometimes associated with the Fierce Deity. These two cards were the Ace of Swords and the Ace of Cups. [Spoiler alert: the next shadow card would have been the Emperor.] This seems to say that my “present moment” is dominated by my efforts to awaken my intuition by means of mental and emotional force. Although I may have to confront my “shadow self,” in doing so I will experience a measure of completeness I would otherwise be missing.

The Dark Card of my subconscious psyche is the Two of Pentacles, which represents coping with demands, making things work smoothly, and adapting quickly to changes of direction. It can also speak toward balancing work and play, and the importance of not overburdening yourself. This seems to be apt for my circumstances, since I seem to have an innate sense of when to back off and just let things lie while I recover, although I don’t always listen to that voice like I should. I’m also forced to balance the expectations that others place on me against my own limits.

The Light Card of my conscious psyche is the Eight of Cups, which represents focusing on personal truth and setting out on a journey of discovery, possibly in an attempt to escape the weariness cause by carrying the weight of others’ demands. This seems to say that I need to untangle myself from the expectations described by the Two of Pentacles in order to free up some of my energy that is being wasted. I won’t find the answers I seek catering to those who try to use me.

Finally we reach the apex of the tetractys, the High Priestess. This card symbolizes one who balances polar opposites and brings them into alignment; who harmonizes light and dark to reveal all the shades of Truth; who is at once the master of Death and in union with it. The High Priestess is one who would transverse boundaries, navigating the borders of connection and division, individuality and unity. This is one who has attained true enlightenment of the so-called ascended masters. In the end, the root of my desire has to do with my identity. It is my path to confront the Shadow and make peace with it, in order to become one with the divine power of the universe.

Now we’ll look at the groupings of the three outer triads (since we already basically covered the center triad). The traditional arrangement for the Triforce affinities are Power on top, Wisdom to the left, and Courage to the right – however, it makes more sense to me to figure out which element dominates which triad and then label that as the appropriate Triforce piece.  Elemental affinities aren’t clear for these three forces, but Power seems to be linked with Fire and Shadow, Wisdom with Water and Light, and Courage with Earth and Wind; however, there seems to be a bit of crossover in all of them in terms of their secondary affinities.

Starting with the bottom left, the dominating element here is Fire, making this the Triforce of Power. This subverts the traditional placement and suggests that I don’t believe in power for its own sake, but as a means to an end. This triad contains the Page of Wands, the Five of Wands, and the King of Pentacles. Taken altogether, these cards suggest that I need to become more grounded, lest I come into conflict with myself and allow my Power to be dissipated; however, if I’m clever I can use my Power to overcome petty obstacles and build something lasting.

Moving to the bottom right, the dominating element is Air, making this the Triforce of Courage. With three Major Arcana of the same element, it would appear to be the strongest of the three, although it only contains the secondary element associated with Courage. This triad couldn’t be more synonymous with the Hero’s Quest, containing the Fool, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Star. These cards tell the story of a brash young lad who, by equal parts luck and determination, rises to stardom. Their overall message seems to be to throw myself to the wind and ride!

The last triad is dominated by the element Water, making this the Triforce of Wisdom. As water is fluid and transparent, Wisdom is flexible and unbiased. Just as water touched with light creates the rainbow, Wisdom uses knowledge and imagination to create beautiful visions of the futures that could be. This triad contains the Two of Pentacles, the Eight of Cups, and the High Priestess. Together the message of these cards seems to be that I need to use my intuition to guide my knowledge gained from experience as well as research, and its position at the top of the Triforce shows that Wisdom is the guiding force in my life above Power and even Courage. It is what gives me peace through those tireless crawls through shadowy dungeons, and it is what fuels my Courage when I face down impossible monsters as I ply what limited Power I have in just the right way to exploit the weaknesses  that I find in them.

So, this turned out to be a fun exercise, even if it took way longer than I was expecting it to. If you couldn’t guess, It was also something of a test for my intuitive abilities. The overall message of this reading seems to be that my deepest desire is Enlightenment, and all the power and freedom that comes with it. This is pretty much dead on, so it seems the cards passed the test. Although since the triads were so unbalanced I suppose that means that touching the Triforce would cause it to shatter, sending Power and Courage to their respective icons.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this gross perversion of the Tetractys spread as much as I did!

[This reading was done on 10/6/13 at 11:45pm]



  1. I am just entirely in awe at how you take the readings to such a deep level. I wasn’t expecting that to go where it did, you breaking down each triad as you did and then speaking of them in relation to you and your life. Making me kind of want to tackle some harder spreads. Only thing is, I don’t have much logic to speak of, so thy wouldn’t be quite as deep or in detail as yours. This being somewhere round about your second week, I just have on word; “bravo!”

    • Thank you! Honestly, I didn’t expect it to go where it did either, but when I pulled the High Priestess I knew exactly how it would end up, if not necessarily how it would play out.

      I was so ready to go on a hilarious Power-hungry rant like “BWAHAHA DESTROY ALL THE THINGS” but then I only drew two Fire cards and the spread actually turned out to be really accurate so…yeah.

      But the Courage triad? That’s literally every Zelda game in a nutshell. That really threw me. I mean I’m no Hero of Time but I like to think I have some things in common with Link, even if I’m more like Zelda (trust me, I’m not complaining about having a ninja alter ego. In fact I’ve been compared to a ninja in real life a handful of times).

      In terms of taking on harder spreads, all I’ll say is: don’t underestimate yourself. Also realize that I’m relying heavily on LWB definitions, which isn’t the goal of your challenge. Just keep your perspective and be true to yourself and your vision :3

      • Well, with how it ended up, I’m impressed. 😀

        Oh gosh, when I start trying to do longer spreads it’s going to forever. Especially the way I’m doing it. Ick. Ah well, I’m committed.

        With the way you look into the cards, I don’t think you’ll rely on the LWB for too long. :3

      • Yeah…the spread I just posted (#16) took me just a little over two hours to write up. I’m so tired XD and everything takes longer when I’m tired, especially writing. It really shouldn’t have taken me two hours to interpret a four-card spread, but there you go.

        It’s my earnest HOPE that when my reading becomes more intuitive that it won’t take nearly as long for me to write out the interpretations, but we’ll see how that goes. We’ll both cross that bridge when we come to it.

      • It shouldn’t once you get more intuitive. You won’t have to look in the LWB or rack your brain about it, you’ll understand the meaning and what the context is. But, I guess that takes a while.

        I don’t blame you for it taking you longer. When I’m trying to focus on homework, or an essay it takes 7 eternities to finish. xD

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