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What should I prioritize this week?

A new week,  a new perspective. I chose to start out this week by asking “What should I prioritize this week?” I will probably continue to do this every Monday, just because it seems like a good idea. I will also be taking note of the cards’ elements, and whatever the dominating element for the reading is, that’s what I’ll channel for the rest of the week. Last week it ended up being fire, and that seemed to work out well, so I see no reason not to do it again.

I didn’t really choose a position since none really came to mind, so I suppose I will just interpret the cards in context of each other. Also, sometimes I like to see what the next card in the deck is out of curiosity, and this time it ended up being the Ace of Swords. It made me laugh, because it keeps coming up so much, so I decided to lay it down wherever it seemed to fit, which was between the Seven of Swords and the Emperor. Not for any real reason except that the Shadowscapes Seven of Swords depicts a young boy in a Tengu-like mask stealing a sword, and the obvious answer to the inevitable question “Which sword did he steal?” turns out to be “The Ace of Swords.” Lucky bastard.

We’ll start at the bottom with the Seven of Cups. This card speaks of indulging your imagination, but also in a higher sense of “following your bliss;” that is, the deep sense of joy that comes from being in harmony with the Divine. We arrive at bliss when we follow our hearts and do what makes us come alive.

In the next position is the Seven of Swords. This card speaks of indulging in your own desires to see what you can get away with, but can also speaks of keeping secrets or being secretive about something. Although it is often styled as a negative card, I’m reminded of a phrase I once heard that went something like “There is power in keeping a secret.” This power can be used to protect or to bind. This card reminds me to look carefully at the secrets I keep in order to determine which I’m doing.

The top card is the Emperor. This card speaks of enforcing order and structure onto our lives and “taking the reins” so to speak, but also symbolizes authority in general. It is often interpreted negatively in the sense of letting rigidity and a narrow mindset of how things “should” be hinder you, but can also speak positively about power that comes from experience, and being fatherly without being patronizing. Perhaps this card calls me to be a guide and a friend to those who walk alongside me in my path, even though I may be new to it, or to this part of it. The Emperor embodies the Masculine principle, suggesting that I need to get in touch with my masculine side.

Linking the Seven of Swords and the Emperor is the Ace of Swords, my trademark (of sorts). This card speaks of seeking that level of awareness that “arises from living in the present moment.” It also speaks toward hearing the truth in what others say rather than trying to prove them wrong out of reflex, as the Emperor is wont to do. Linked together, is the message of these cards “The secret to slaying the Emperor is purity of awareness”? Or is it that “Purity of awareness is the secret to the Emperor’s power”?

Over and over again the cards speak to me of becoming a leader, even though right now my blog only has 15 followers, most of which don’t even look at my blog on a daily basis (I average four visitors per day). So who am I leading? Why would they follow me? How would I even become the kind of person people would follow?

Either way, the Emperor’s element is Fire, and as a Trump card is holds pre-eminence over the Minor Arcana, it looks like I’ll be channeling Fire again this week; although I may consider channeling Air in tandem with it since that element seems to be well represented in this reading.

[This reading was done on 10/7/13 at 8:58pm]


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