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What can I do to bring myself good luck?

Another slow day for me as I recover from the events of last week. I feel a headache coming on so I will attempt to make this one short. The question I asked today was “What can I do to bring myself good luck this week?”

I also decided to use the cards to decide which psionic technique I should be practicing, depending on the dominant element. I arbitrarily assigned a technique to each element, with Fire being energy manipulation, Water being lucid dreams/remote viewing, Air being meditation, and Earth being shielding.

The first card I drew was the Five of Wands. The main message of this card seems to be “embrace the struggle.” To answer the question “which struggle exactly?” I drew the Magician for clarification, which would seem to answer “the struggle to discover your Divine Self.” I also need to remember not to let the behavior of others influence or distract me from my priorities.

The next card is the Two of Pentacles. This card’s message could be that I need to focus on the simple pleasures in order to re-balance my material and spiritual aspects. I spent the last two weeks worrying about the physical–now it’s time to tend to the spiritual.

The final card is Temperance. This calls to mind the idea of transformation, perhaps turning a weakness into a strength. I need to exercise my adaptability. Instead of wishing I could do the things I want, maybe it’s time to focus on those things that I can.

Since I drew two Major Arcana of differing elements, I’ll look to the one whose order comes first, and since that would be the Magician, it seems the dominant element of this reading is Air. That means I’ll be taking more time to meditate this week (which is what I wanted to do anyway).

[This reading was done on 10/8/13 at 6:36pm]


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