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How can I facilitate spiritual growth?

Time to go introspective again. Since the cards this week have been pointing me toward my spiritual side, I decided to ask “What can I do to facilitate my spiritual growth?” Going non-positional again today because I couldn’t be bothered to look one up that I liked.

The first card is the Knight of Pentacles. This tells me that I need to be aware of the restless feeling I’ve been having, and to tame it or channel it into something productive. I need to not let my adventurous side jump the gun and overestimate my abilities.

The next card is the Ten of Pentacles. This reinforces the idea of the Knight of Pentacles in that I need to slow down and enjoy what I’ve accomplished so far. Rest. Invest in something permanent. Be conservative with my time and energy, and save it up for the future.

Finally, the Four of Wands. Again building on the previous card, this tells me that I’ve reached a milestone in my life and it’s okay to celebrate that. This doesn’t necessarily mean to pop open the champagne and throw a party, but it does suggest a certain attitude of living in the moment  is in order. Cut loose a little, maybe.

I guess I’ll have that extra brownie sundae after all, eh?

[This reading was done on 10/9/13 at 11:10pm]



  1. So no party? I love champagne 😦

    • I’ve never had any, actually. I don’t really drink alcohol.

      • I don’t much, maybe twice a year or so. And hardly ever champagne lol

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