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What am I neglecting?

Since in the last few days I’ve been asking the cards what-do-I-do-type questions, I decided to switch it up and ask a what-am-I-not-doing-type question, specifically, “What am I neglecting?” The spread I used for this was a simple Situation-Action-Outcome setup. No reason to get fancy.

The Situation card is the Knight of Pentacles, marking the second day in a row that I drew him first. It’s possible he carries the same meaning, too, but taking a more in-depth look at this card reveals that the Knight carries undertones of discouragement at not being able to attain our goals that suddenly seem very lofty indeed, It also speaks of trying to live with love and compassion but having that knee-jerk reaction when someone hurts us or does something we deem idiotic or unethical. Thankfully, however, he also tells us how to deal with those times. Rather than charging in head-first, as some of the other Knights would have us do, the Knight of Pentacles reminds us to back off, assess the situation, maintain composure and, perhaps most of all, strength of character – and then strike quickly and decisively.

The Action card is, perplexingly, the Moon. This card has general connotations of fear and anxiety, as well as dealing with the unknown in general. However, it could also point to dealing with the spiritual and emotional debris that emerges as we explore our subconscious in search of spiritual light and meaning. This tells me that the mental and emotional instability described by the Knight of Pentacles previously is a result of this self-discovery process, and that I need to take the time to deal with the emotional fallout  and be patient with myself as my psyche puts itself back together. It could also hint that I need to keep my eyes open and my intuition sharp because something is not as it appears to be.

The Outcome card, thankfully, is the Ten of Cups. This card points to the end of a cycle, personally as well as within a community, even going so far as to describe the higher self in the Divine union. However, in this context it reminds me of the perennial saying, “This too shall pass.” The cycle described by the Knight of Pentacles and the Moon shall resolve, things will go back to normal, and maybe I will be a more loving and thoughtful person at the end of it.

So this turned out to be a very “enlightening” experience. Eh-heh, get it? Moon? EnLIGHTening? Okay, I’ll stop.

What’s particularly telling is that after a long period of not remembering them, suddenly my dreams have made a resurgence and several of them have related directly to readings I’ve done. Maybe I need to start a dream journal here, like one of my friends suggested. Perhaps this would be a way of fulfilling the Moon card’s suggested Action? We’ll see.

[This reading was done on 10/10/13 at 8:54pm]



  1. I like this spread! Short, simple and sweet. I don’t always want to deal with personality positions that are always tacked on to these decision spreads.

    • It’s much cleaner, isn’t it? And you can always draw for clarification if you want to, but it isn’t necessary.

  2. My favorite daily spread is a 3 card spread that I personally call “Choose your Path.” In this spread, you ask a yes/no question about a path that lies before you. The center card is the situation. The left card is the outcome of rejecting the path. The right is the outcome of accepting the path

    For example, I asked whether I should concentrate on a particular writing contest today.

    Center Card: Ace of Swords
    Left Card: Queen of Pentacles
    Right Card: Queen of Cups

    What a choice! Material vs emotional security!

    • That was basically the choice that I was faced with when I asked the cards if I should pursue a writing career. I might try doing more yes/no spreads in the future, using the method you describe.

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