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An open letter to the person who deleted my comments.


Dear Ms. Tarot Professional,


It has recently come to my attention that the two comments I left on one of your blog posts went mysteriously missing. I will not inquire into the nature of their disappearance – although I’m sure you know. All I can do is speculate from my own limited vantage point, based on the two subsequent posts you made on said blog, which seem to me (though perhaps I may be mistaken) to have a direct bearing on the now-absent comments mentioned before.

Firstly, had I known the power that a single comment wielded over you, perhaps I would have refrained from posting altogether. It was never my intention to throw your mind into an apparent tailspin of trying to justify your principles. Your principles are your own; I’m sure you arrived at them honestly, and you should act on them. However, by rushing to reply to my comment and then make an entire new page-long post about how it “isn’t our place” to offer “commentary” on other people’s lives when they come to us for a reading, you show a distinct lack of understanding about how other people, even within your own profession, may have differing principles of the interplay between tarot reading and counseling.

As I have already made my attempt to defend myself, and you deleted it, I see no reason to reproduce it here. Suffice to say that I don’t believe in offering unsolicited advice, personally or professionally, on other people’s relationships. I’ve learned that it’s a fool’s errand, and I’m sure you have as well.

This brings us to your behavior in response to my comments. The first post you made is not, on the face of it, offensive. In fact it comes across as a very well-reasoned response to a real issue. However, in the very first line of this post you thank “everyone” who commented on your previous post, which you link directly to. Since there are no comments on that post, I am left to assume that you deleted all of them individually or otherwise disabled comments on that post in some way. Likewise, I am left to assume that the only comments on that post were mine, or comments like mine, since I doubt you would have deleted any that backed you up or reinforced your worldview. I’m aware this may be a false assumption, but it’s the one I’m working from.

Then, in your follow-up post to your follow-up post, you go on an emotional tirade about how recent comments that have been made on your blog(s) have caused you to doubt your choice to become a blogger and subject yourself to the public forum, but that you have decided to bravely press on despite the lack of results or apparent interest in terms of attracting new clients. You then make a very interesting comment about how you genuinely welcome comments, specifically, and I quote, “All of them.” This leads me into further speculation about where those comments that I made went to. Perhaps they were eaten by a grue.

As to your description of the recent comments made on your blog(s) being “troll-ish”… I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means.

A “troll” is someone who, out of boredom or simple love of dissension, makes vitriolic and inconsiderate remarks in order to get an emotional rise out of someone. In other words, a troll enjoys pushing your buttons. While it  may very well be that you received some verbal (textual) harassment after my comments went up, since I am unaware of such comments being made and there are no comments to observe on any of the three posts you have made in the last 24 hours (as of the time of this writing), I can only assume that you incorrectly understand a troll to be “someone whose viewpoint disagrees with mine.”

This begs the question, if you disliked my comments to such a degree that it spawned such an extensive reaction, why approve them in the first place? You’re participating in a dangerous gambit here. If you had simply trashed my comment and not replied to in in the first place, neither of the two posts following it would have been necessary or warranted. However, now that those comments are gone, those posts have still become unnecessary and unwarranted, and anyone who saw our exchange in going to know what you’ve done and how you’ve behaved. Maybe you didn’t lose any followers over it, and that’s fine. Perhaps the people who follow your blog are very forgiving.

That said, I would still expect better from someone who holds a Ph.D, and is a Reiki Master, as well as an ordained minister. Your treatment of my genuine and heartfelt comments causes me to call into question the standard of professionalism which you profess to hold yourself to. I won’t deny you your years of experience or no-doubt extensive training. I will suggest that you need to be careful about setting yourself up as the arbiter of morality and rationality within your domain.

However, I still have to thank you for impressing upon me a valuable lesson. It is something that I suspected would be the wise course of action, but needed the confirmation to be sure in my choice, which is to continue to hold the professional tarot industry at arms-length. I realize now that I have no place within the framework of the established system, as your comments have been a sterling example of the sense of entitlement and privilege that seems to run rampant within it. This is not to say that I will forego forming relationships with other tarot readers, or that I will cut off those whom I have already befriended. I simply have no interest in associating with those who wear the title “professional” as a badge of honor.

I’m sure that if you ever see this, you will consider it to be a childish rant in response to your sage decision to spare the sensitive public from harmful ideas. However, to those others who come across this letter, I hope that they see some value in my voicing my concerns.

Grace & Peace,




  1. There aren’t *too* many blogs on WP tagged tarot. It’s a small community…
    All I have to say is, back tracking and covering your ass and deciding to only post comments that concur with your line of thinking is very narrow minded. Not what I’d expect from a “professional.” One can delete all the comments in the world, but bloggers will talk amongst themselves… Nothing on the web is ever truly deleted.

    • It is a pretty small community, although it’s a fairly active one. My one concern was giving to much away about the person’s identity, since my goal wasn’t to point fingers here. But then I thought, “eh.” If people figure it out, good for them. If you’re that invested in the tarot scene here you deserve to know what’s up.

  2. Oh and you know what? I had a couple of comments deleted or “hidden” on a tarot page I follow on Facebook. She had posted a bunch of Aces of Wands from different decks, and I kindly pointed out that the card she showed from the Paulina Tarot actually belonged to the Joie de Vivre, a deck by the same artist. I then offered up a picture of the correct card. Both comments mysteriously disappeared.

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