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What should I prioritize this week?

I’m falling a bit behind today (well, more so than usual) because Sunday’s reading took so long to write up. It’s a cold morning, and I’m feeling sluggish and unmotivated, and I wish I hadn’t fallen asleep last night before I could finish this post, BUT HEY. My commitment was to do a reading every day, not to post one every day at a certain time 😛

So to start out the week I asked my usual question: “What do I need to prioritize?” I’ll also be looking at the elemental dignities to see which element I should be channeling. No  positions, just three cards to tell me what to focus on.

First up is the Hanged Man, which can be a tricky one to interpret. Perhaps it is suggesting that I need to still my mind, look within and effect a change of perspective. It could also be saying to give up my desire for control. Perhaps I could stand to let my guard down a bit as well. For a minute.

Next is the Two of Wands, which suggests moving toward my goals even if I decide to change direction later; all that matters is that I move. It represents the initial vision that allows me to apply my own personal power.

Finally, the Sun. This card can represent moderating extremes and reaching a higher state. It could be a sign that more “light” is entering my life. It might be a good idea to just relax and enjoy it for a while.

Looking at the elements of the Major Arcana we have Fire and Water, and since they conflict I’ll be going with the one who comes first in the card order, which would be the Hanged Man. I guess I’ll be channeling water this week.

[This reading was done on 10/14/13 at 11:58pm EST]



  1. Another possible reading.

    The Two of Wands indicates a crossroads. You should look at where you are and what you want to accomplish before you decide.

    Two possible paths are indicated, the Hanged Man and The Sun. In light of your state of mind, the Hanged Man may actually be advising you to take a break, to suspend your current activities until you feel better. The second choice is the Sun perhaps telling you to go outdoors and just enjoy life and its blessings.

    • I put this on the back burner when I read it this morning but the longer my day went on the more sense it made. I had the chance to either go out and run errands today or stay home, and I chose to put off the errands until Thursday when I can do more in one trip rather than make two trips. I did plan on going outdoors today but it didn’t pan out. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. PS. You can still do a reading for that day and so meet your goal of 365 readings. You just don’t have to write anything up until you feel like it.

    • I thought about it, but I kind of don’t want to slack off and lose my momentum. I’ve extended forgiveness to myself in not needing to post the write-up the same day I do the reading, but anything beyond that would just be laziness taking over.

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