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What will bring me luck this week?


Just looking at these cards I can tell this is going to be a difficult one. Well, nothing for it but to jump in. So, tarot, “How can I bring myself luck this week?”

First up is the Hierophant. This card can stand for anything from tradition and religion or moral/spiritual principles to holders of secret knowledge to conformity and identifying with a whole group. There’s a whole spectrum in this card. Am I a Hierophant? Am I going to meet one? Perhaps this card is saying I should focus on teamwork, in a spiritual context. Maybe it means I need a mentor or a maven.

Following is the King of Cups. This could illustrate the character of the Hierophant. He is described by one source as being “usually a man of art or religion,” so that would make sense. This could easily describe me as well, if you use the term “religion” loosely. Either way he is wise, calm, and tolerant, which reinforces the mentor idea. It still isn’t clear whether the mentor here is me or someone else yet.

Finally is Death. This card can represent a transitional period, usually a time of cutting out extraneous elements from one’s life. This could be what the Hierophant/King of Cups will allow me to do, if those cards represent someone entering my life, or others to do, if those cards represent me. To some it also calls to mind a forced sacrifice – in contrast to the Hanged Man’s voluntary one – but still for one’s own good.

So the message of this reading seems to be: Seek a fair mentor that will force me out of my comfort zone?



Looking at the elements represented here it seems like Water wins out, so I’ll be working on my lucid dreaming technique this week.

[This reading was done on 10/15/13 at 4:44pm EST]



  1. Hello again!

    One thing that struck me is that The Hierophant and Death are practically opposites in Tarot, Tradition and stability vs Transformation and radical change. At the center is a Court Card, The King of Cups, which I assume would mean yourself. This again is set up like a choice. My interpretation is that you have usually been the Hierophant, but to bring luck you need to embody Death.

    (By the way, I’ve been enjoying this so much that I’ve set up my own Tarot blog. Feel free to drop by. :D)

    • Heh, I think you’re the third person in a month I’ve inspired to start their own tarot blog. How’s that for embodying Death?

      I’m looking forward to witnessing your journey!

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