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What is my greatest asset right now?

Nothing like a little swordplay in the moonlight to clear the mind, and the soul. Although it takes much training and force of will to master, you feel most alive when you let the sword dance to its own rhythm. Like a sword piercing the air, hopefully these cards will pierce the veil of my unknowing and tell me “What is my greatest asset right now?”

I chose to let the first card represent my asset and the following two cards explain the context in which I may exercise it. I also pulled a shadow card to give further context about the hidden aspects of the first card, or what I most need to know in order to fully apply it.

Not surprisingly, I suppose, the first card is Strength. Perhaps not physical strength (though I don’t consider myself a pushover), but rather mental or spiritual/moral strength. However, as many decks portray with the image of a woman resting her hand in the mane of a great lion, this card represents strength under control.

Death comes next, suggesting that I should apply my strength toward a rebirth of sorts. This card says that I need to let go of the old self and embrace the new. As a context for Strength, it could be that my greatest asset right now would be to subdue my lower self in order to let my higher self come into expression. This may speak toward the way I have been trying to tune into my subconscious mind in order to be more aware of it, when what I need to be doing is aligning my subconscious with my higher values before I let it speak.

The Eight of Wands bids me to act. This card suggests that I need to be actively applying my Strength, and in doing so experience the successful resolution of my rebirthing presented by the Death card. The work I’ve been doing so far has prepared me for this time of mindful activity.

Underlying Strength is the Eight of Swords. This card represents restriction, confusion, powerlessness – everything that goes against the other cards in this reading. In this reading it takes on much of the character of Strength Reversed. It is my antithesis in this situation, and pinning down what it means exactly will take a bit of work. As a Swords card it can represent mental barriers that I’ve placed, maybe for good reasons, but that are now hindering me. As an Air card it could represent a spiritual attitude or pattern of thought that is tripping me up. It looks like I’ll have to do some introspection to figure out what exactly this might be. However, I can feel confident that whatever it is, Strength will lead me out of it.

[This reading was done on 10/16/13 at 11:59pm EST]


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