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What is the energy surrounding me?

I’ve been having trouble getting a handle on my readings lately, mainly, I think, because I’m not really ready to take on non-positional spreads yet. So today I figured I’d take a step back and get some perspective. The question I asked this time was “What is the energy surrounding me?”

This spread is kind of a bastardization of several five-card spreads I found, since I couldn’t find just one that fit what I wanted. The graphic below will tell you how I laid the cards down, and what they mean. (Please forgive my poor photoshop skills)


The center position represents the energy that you, yourself, emanate simply by existing. If you choose, you can take it to mean the nature of your highest self. In my case, it is the Sun. This is a card of life-giving energy, radiating vitality, freedom, and self-expression. This seems to say that my energy necessarily seeks ways to bring “life and light” into the world by connecting to or inspiring others. Considering my background, I’d say this is a highly appropriate card to draw here.

The Hierophant represents the energy in my aura that is in harmony with my center card. It suggests that my personal energy is strengthened when I am acting on strongly-held beliefs, which I have come to hold after much seeking of truth. It also seems to say that my energy seeks to express itself within groups I identify with.

The Two of Wands represents the energy in my aura that causes dissonance with my center card. This is very telling, as I’ve always had a problem with indecision. While I can often make procrastination work in my favor, it usually takes me a really long time to pick a direction and move, as I try to weigh my options. Sometimes I’m glad I waited, other times I’m really not.

The Empress represents the energy that is seeking to express itself in my aura. It is a nurturing energy that works to manifest abundance. It also has a touch of idealism. It is a primary creative force of expression, flowing directly out of the identity of the higher self. This card could suggest that I should open myself up to the power of unconditional love.

The Queen of Swords represents the energy that is present in my aura, but dormant. You can choose to interpret this as the “missing piece” if you wish. This card could be telling me two things. First, that I’m missing the kind of person that embodies the Queen of Swords in my life. Second, that I’m neglecting those qualities within me that the Queen of Swords personifies. It could also mean both. It’s possible I’m repressing some emotions, which is having a negative effect on me. It could also be a sign that I don’t know what I really want at this stage in my life, and I’m somewhat at a loss for direction.

If you want to you can go into the half-steps (i.e. Active-Positive, Active-Negative, Passive-Negative, etc.) to give yourself a sort of personal energy graph. I won’t do that here, for the sake of getting this post up before midnight.


I hope you get some use out of this spread, should you choose to use it.

[This spread was done on 10/18/13 at 9:10pm]


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