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What is one change I can make right now?

Yesterday’s reading showed me that my main asset right now is Strength, but it left me hanging a bit on how to apply that strength. Because of that I decided to ask “What is one change that I can make right now?” Hopefully this will give me some direction.

For this reading I pulled three cards and the shadow card. Since I drew two Major Arcana, I decided to bring them to the forefront and interpret them together. The two Minor Arcana serve as a backdrop, or perhaps a specific application of the other cards’ themes. I also decided to reduce every card to a single key word, and then go from there.

The Emperor most commonly refers to control. The Emperor is a ruler, and as such, holds the authority to exert his control as he sees fit. When he speaks, people listen, for the consequences of not doing so would be dire. However, as with any leader, his authority comes from his followers who choose to invest it in him.

To me, the Magician can only mean one thing: power. He is the master of the elements, weaving arcane forces into tight patterns to accomplish his will. Unlike the Emperor, his power doesn’t come from people, but from the Universe itself. However, it is a different kind of power. Whereas the Emperor has the power to move nations with his words, the Magician’s raw power moves the earth – literally.

Woe betide the man who crosses one who has both.

Between these is the Five of Wands, which symbolizes conflict. Whether it is from the environment, other people, or yourself, this card brings to mind locking horns with something or someone and trying to impose your will onto them.

Underlying this is the Four of Swords, which symbolizes rest. This is the act of withdrawing and recovering from mental fatigue, although it can also be taken to mean recovering from illness or resting to prevent illness.

So working backwards from this, it seems that rest is the issue here that is causing conflict, in this case within myself. Since there’s no one in my life I’m in conflict with right now (at least that I’m aware of), I take this to mean that I’m tired of resting, but there’s not much that I feel like I can do about it, and this causes me a bit of frustration, since I’m not the type of person who likes to just accept things as they are.

The advice of the Major Arcana seems to be to take control of this conflict by exercising a little spiritual power. Instead of dwelling on my dissatisfaction, turn this time into an opportunity. How exactly? Er…hell if I know. My best guess is that I need to be spending more time meditating and manifesting my intention. If I didn’t know better I’d say the cards were urging me to finally take up spellcraft.

[This reading was done on 10/17/13 at 11:55pm EST]



  1. The cards could also be telling you to apply that strength to the physical world. Perhaps the Four of Swords is indicating that withdrawing from conflict IS the problem. You should seek out a cause to fight for for you have the will, the power, and the leadership qualities.

    • Hmm, that is an interesting idea. Causing dissension is almost a spiritual gift of mine. Maybe it’s time to spread a little mayhem? Since the over-arching themes here are represented by the Emperor and the Magician it does call to mind a king leading his army into war.

      The problem, as the Five of Wands might suggest, is that it’s emotionally exhausting XD but if I can channel the suit of Swords and remain a bit mentally detached from the situation, I could rise above it instead of being overwhelmed by it.

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