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What are the cycles in my life I need to be aware of?


In the last reading I used the cards to take a look at my own personal energy to see what kind of influences were at work around me. This time I’m taking the larger view, but keeping with the same theme, and asking “What patterns in my life do I need to be aware of?”

In the center is the Sun, the most important or prominent pattern in my life at my present moment. It suggests confidence and understanding, and can also be a symbol for enlightenment, highlighting my search for truth. In contrast to the Hermit, who withdraws to seek the truth within, the Sun shines a light forth to find where that truth is reflected in the world. This card also appeared at the center of the last reading’s spread.

Crossing the Sun is the Seven of Wands. This can sometimes point to being aggressive or having a forceful personality, but it can also be about having conviction and relentlessly pursuing what you want. Confidence and conviction often go hand in hand, so when one falters the other is brought low as well. Taking the Sun and the Seven in tandem, it speaks of “rising above” challenges and challengers.

To the left is the Five of Pentacles. This indicates a pattern of “not having enough,” not being emotionally or spiritually fulfilled or simply not having your physical needs met. There certainly seems to be a cycle of falling short (be it of money, energy, or tact) just when I’m starting to get on top of things.

To the right is the Emperor. This illustrates a new cycle of control and dominance that is just beginning, or will soon begin. It could be about bringing some new structure into my life or implying that I will take on some sort of leadership role which will characterize a new period in my life.

Above is the Tower. This typifies my conscious desire to tear down old ways of thinking in order to make room for new ones. It could also be about how I see it as my mission in life to help people achieve a change of perspective. In the negative sense, it could also describe some crisis that I am still consciously dealing with and working through which takes up a lot of my resources.

Below is Judgment. Typically linked with the idea of forgiveness, this card illuminates my subconscious desire to forgive — and forget. Sometimes the forgetting comes first though, so there could be things in my past that I need to forgive in order to move on. However, it can also point toward hearing a call or awakening to new possibilities, like how I’ve been trying to “awaken” my subconscious and be more in tune with it.

Atop the staff is the Knight of Pentacles. This is where I am focusing my attention, where by actions informed by my beliefs are taking me. I’ve certainly been trying to be hardworking and thorough (in terms of this blog), but I also have a stubborn and cautious streak. If you view it as patterns I’m trying to create, it could speak to forming new habits, like with the way I’m picking up meditation again.

Next on the staff is the Six of Wands. This is a pattern I see in the world that I would like to be a part of. As a card of triumph and acclaim, this could be representing my desire to surround myself with successful or talented people. In the negative sense, it could point to feeling like everyone else has “made it” in a sense, and I’m feeling left out.

The penultimate staff card is the Wheel of Fortune. Now this is an interesting card to draw here, as it represents a pattern in my life that I really need to become aware of, but haven’t quite glimpsed yet. It could be that I don’t really see how my luck is changing, or that I don’t realize what a turning point in my life I’m at. While I have been experiencing change, maybe I don’t yet understand how deep that change really goes.

Finally we reach the final pattern, the pattern that all other patters are, um..patterning. It’s the “outcome” card, so it represents a pattern that hasn’t formed yet, but will form if none of the other patterns are changed. This pattern is characterized by the Eight of Wands. This could be that there will be a time of great activity in my future. It could also be a time of “wrapping up” things I’ve been working on and showcasing them to the world. Really it signifies making progress.

So there we have it. A somewhat comprehensive overview of the patterns in my life. Fairly positive overall, but a few things I could work on improving.

[This spread was done on 10/19/13 at 10:28pm EST]


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