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What do I need to focus on this week?


Going a bit non-positional again today, as we begin the week. However, I decided to impose a bit of structure on the spread and interpret the shadow card as the “premise” of the reading, and the other three cards as the things that will help me deal with this situation, with the question being “What do I need to focus on this week?”

The Ace of Pentacles tells me that my focus should be primarily material. There’s a definite need for practicality, which could point to a need to take care of my body, or to buckle down and get things done. This is fairly appropriate because I have a busy week ahead, so maybe the rest of the reading will tell me how to get through it.

The Sun tells me to harness my natural vitality (ha) and become a force to be reckoned with. I need to stride with confidence – but also be aware of my limits. That said, it’s not going to hurt to aim high here. I should give every task my best shot.

The Two of Pentacles tells me to not stretch myself too thin. I need to be flexible and not take on more than I can handle. However, I still need to make sure all my bases are covered; especially the ones that I’ll regret neglecting later. Throughout all I need to keep my spirits up and not forget about having fun.

The Knight of Swords tells me to be myself. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to be a less intense version of myself. There may be moments when I need to take control of a situation, and that might require being a little assertive. However, if I can rein in the sarcasm it will help things go more smoothly.


Well that was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be when I first looked at this spread. I might do this for all my “non-positional” readings from now on, unless another pattern presents itself. Looking at the elements represented here, Fire obviously wins as the only Major Arcana’s element, so that means I’ll be channeling Fire this week.


[This reading was done on 10/21/13 at 11:30pm EST]


One Comment

  1. I’m definitely seeing the same message here.

    It’s time to turn ideas into reality. Be yourself but be flexible too.

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