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What will bring me luck this week?

Today, October 22nd, marks the one-month anniversary of the Tarot Every Day project. I finally did it, a whole month of daily tarot readings…!…and I’ve been too busy to celebrate. Maybe tomorrow I will do something special, but today we’re going with our standard 3-ish card spread and asking “What will bring me luck this week?” The shadow card in the middle represents the thing that will bring me luck, and the three surrounding cards represent the things that will help me bring it about.

In the center is the Hanged Man. This card can represent giving up control, switching priorities, or even sacrifice. It is a somewhat paradoxical card in that it embodies overcoming by doing nothing. It is the immovable object which weathers and absorbs the unstoppable force. This card could be telling me that I need to be the calm center in the midst of the storm, because emotions WILL be running high, but getting caught up in it is only going to make things worse for everyone.

The first card that will help me do this is the Emperor. In the context of the Hanged Man, this card’s message is simple: control yourself. Rather than asserting my own authority (although there may be moments when that is needed) I should allow myself to submit to authority figures in order to make things go more smoothly.

The second card that will help me is the Wheel of Fortune. Usually signifying a change in luck, really it can represent any kind of major shift for better or for worse. This is somewhat appropriate since I’ll be going to my cousin’s wedding this weekend. This card is pretty straightforward; I should do whatever I can to help set up/clean up wherever I see the need. This isn’t the time to sit back and blend into the scenery.

Finally we come to the Hermit. This card hasn’t shown up for a while, even though it’s supposedly my “life path” card (you can find out what yours is here). This card has connotations of withdrawal and introspection; curious because the other cards seem to indicate getting involved and putting my own desires on a shelf. So what does this card mean? Probably: keep your opinions to yourself. No one cares about or needs to know what I’m thinking. In fact it might be best to avoid conversation altogether and keep myself busy with whatever is at hand that anyone needs help with.

Well, that was easy. Interpreting the cards in this triad sort of way is a lot easier than simply throwing the cards down and trying to decipher them cold. Looking at the elements represented here, we have four Major Arcana vying for dominance (Actually, I just noticed that this reading is entirely Major Arcana. Odd.), but not only that, all four elements are present. I’m almost shocked. Could this mean that I need to do ALL THE THINGS? Maybe. Considering I will be around a lot of people, brushing up on my shielding couldn’t hurt. There are four days left before the wedding (I think) so maybe I will just pick a different psychic technique to practice each day.

[This reading was done on 10/22/13 at 11:59pm EST]



  1. Congrats on one month! If it were me, I’d definitely have slacked off by now, on more than one occasion lol
    Interesting read, all majors and all elements.. powerful

  2. What an interesting result!

    I always think of the Hanged Man as changing something within yourself since you can’t change the physical world.

    Coming to the supporting cards, you have two persons and an object. The Wheel of Fortune supports the idea of change or shifting of something. I think it’s suggesting that The Emperor should be turned into The Hermit. Both are leaders and masters but the first initiates while the second responds. Channel yin instead of yang.

    When I repeated your spread with my own deck. The change was quite startling, because the Emperor sits bathed in bright white sunshine while the Hermit is set in a dark, black night. The sky of the Wheel of Fortune was a blue twilight.

    • Huh, that’s really interesting! It does add another shade of meaning, which I quite appreciate. I don’t interpret cards from the art but sometimes it’s quite startling how well it fits.

      And yes, I do agree with your assessment. There’s more than one shift going on, the shift in my family and the shift within me. I need to tap into that shifting energy and return to my true nature. I think if the people who know me saw me acting in the attitude of the Emperor they’d be shocked, or perplexed, and wouldn’t be able to accept it.

      Plus, it would probably be a good idea to step back and internalize everything I’ve learned in my tarot journey thus far. A month of readings and I feel simultaneously exhausted and energized.

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