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What long-term goals do I need to set?


In honor of completing one full month of daily tarot readings, I decided to trot out a new spread I adapted based on the simple three-card Body-Mind-Spirit spread. The question I asked was “What long-term goals do I need to set for myself?” The inner triad represents the three goals for my body, mind, and spirit, and the outer triad represents how I can best accomplish these goals, while the shadow card rests in the center as the connecting card.

For the Body goal we have the Five of Cups and the Seven of Pentacles. The Five has connotations of loss or bereavement, an odd card to place here. It could mean that I should be more intentional about appreciating what I have, but if we take it in the context of what grieving does for us, it could be saying that I need to heal and move on. The Seven suggests that the way to do this is to move in a new direction, which will be more rewarding. Basically, I need to take stock of my situation because what I’m doing and the way I’m dealing with things isn’t working out so well, and there’s a much better way within my grasp.

For the Mind goal we have Temperance and the Star. In this context Temperance calls to mind the fusion of new and different ideas into a new ideology or paradigm. It could also be that I need to avoid excessively indulging in things that make me feel good (i.e. playing too much Pokemon) and avoid leaning toward extremes. The Star says that the way to do this is to stay inspired. Tranquility is key. I need to find faith in what I’m doing, and have faith that everything will work out.

For the Spirit goal we have the Sun and the Queen of Swords. The Sun represents enlightenment (in every sense of the word) and can also have undercurrents of experiencing vitality and greatness. This card represents my ultimate spiritual ideal, to shine forth brilliantly in power and truth. The Queen of Swords suggests an interesting path to attainment, though. It could be that I should seek someone like myself, but further down the path, who can model these attributes for me. Alternately, it could be saying that experience is the best teacher, and that being honest with myself and being ale to laugh at myself as I seek out new experiences will serve me the most in my spiritual quest.

Underlying it all is the Moon, which says that the theme linking all these goals should be using my imagination and exploring my subconscious. Overcoming the fear of the unknown will be my biggest obstacle. However, the Sun and the Star will help me shine a light to dispel all illusions.

[This reading was done on 10/23/13 at 8:18pm EST]



  1. I’m really feeling this spread! I pinned this post to Pinterest so I won’t lose it 🙂
    Quick question, when you draw your shadow card, when do you draw it? Before the other cards? I always assumed it was the last card you pulled, but I notice in this photo it’s underneath the others.

    • It depends on how I plan to use it, but usually last, yes. In this case I pulled it last and then stuck it under the other cards because it looked better than it laying on top.

      Glad to see that you like the spread :> maybe I’ll see a post about it on your blog soon ;D

  2. I haven’t seen you on in a couple of days, hope all is well.

    • I’m fine, life is just forcing me to take a break from writing at the moment. I had seen it coming for a while but didn’t want to acknowledge it. I’m still doing readings, but I’ll have to post them later.

  3. What a great spread; simple and deliberate. I’ll have to make a note of this one.

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