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Well, it had to happen eventually.

Last week, after 31 consecutive days of posting tarot readings, I finally missed a day. Not for any particular reason, I just didn’t manage to get ready in time. I suppose that makes the project a failure, by the original rules, but I still plan on doing 365 total readings.

However, I did decide to take a week off from posting, which is why I haven’t been active lately. Writing actually does take a lot out of me (well, everything does, really) so even if I don’t really accomplish anything else in a day it’s still a pretty large investment of my energy.

I’m still doing readings every day, and I still have all the pictures of them for days I missed, and one day this week I will probably get all caught up, but right now I need to focus on things like finding a job and managing to get more than two consecutive hours of sleep a night.

I hate to be “that guy” to put this project on the dreaded indefinite hiatus, but I can only play the hand I’m dealt. Hopefully you understand.



  1. That’s too bad. Writing can be a chore especially when life gets in the way. It’s why I only post 5 days a week. Don’t be a stranger though. Feel free to drop by my blog or Nicole’s when you have the time. šŸ˜€

    I did have a suspicion this would happen. Your spreads were hinting at a pause whenever I read them. šŸ™‚

    • I knooow T n T it seems like every spread I did was saying “you need to take a break,” and I was all “heck nah!” Well we know who won that battle. Thanks, Tarot…

      I’ve just been playing Pokemon to make myself feel better, that’s why I haven’t been around much. I need to build up some momentum and accomplish something, even if it’s just beating a video game. I can’t really affort to get sick right now, and there isn’t much else to do laying in bed. Plus, that dang Pokeball spread I did made my fandom flare up again, so there really wasn’t any escaping it.

      I will come around soon enough and harass your blog in comments, don’t worry.

      • Which game are you playing? My old silver (my favorite) ran out of batteries a couple of months ago. šŸ˜¦ And thus died one of my childhood moments.

      • Pokemon White, on an emulator. I haven’t had the money to buy games, let alone consoles, in a long time. I’m watching the “end credits” right now, even though there’s still a bunch of end-game content to play through, and I haven’t completed the Pokedex.

        I’m kind of biased toward the original 151, but some of the later Pokemon are alright. I enjoyed Silver, but I kind of feel like every Pokemon since the originals has been trying to recreate the “magic formula” that made them so successful, and the franchise in general has relied more on nostalgia than anything else.

  2. The official announcement, eh? That’s too bad, I hope you won’t be gone for very long. And yes, even though you’re not writing, there’s no reason you can’t visit us and stay in touch!

    • Don’t worry, I just have a few things I need to accomplish before I pick up writing again. It takes me basically all day to build up the energy, and having this other stuff on my mind is a hindrance.

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