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Spell 1a

The air was strangely warm all day and into the night. Odd for such a cold October, even more so on Hallows’ Eve. I have many memories as a child retreating into the warmth of a running vehicle after braving the dark streets which seemed to teem with a chilly energy. A few days ago it felt like early winter, and now it feels like early spring.

As is my custom, I conduct the ancient rite of starting something new while ignoring the project I’m supposed to be working on. I didn’t expect to cast a spell tonight. I only realized today that I finally had everything I needed, more or less. Some substitutions had to be made for lack of proper tools.

The idea was to use new one-dollar bills for this money spell, but those are harder to find than I thought. Completely by coincidence, however, I came into possession of five pennies minted in this year. A certain bestselling author might raise an eyebrow in disfavor, but I’d like to think that he would be proud of me for giving some value to this useless and outmoded currency.

I wanted to use new ones that hadn’t been handled very much, so as to cut down on ambient residual energy. You may prefer a different approach in using much older currency that has built up a history, and therefore an energy, of its own. There are benefits and drawbacks to either approach that really comes down to your own style and aptitude. As a beginner, I thought it best to not muddy the proverbial waters.

As far as casting spells goes, few dates are as auspicious. Perhaps it was providence, or fate, but I felt compelled. This was a long time coming. I’ve been planning for it almost as long as I’ve been learning tarot. Preparation took longer than I thought, pushing the actual casting well past midnight; the tablecloth had to be washed, incense had to be burned, candles had to be cut down. Finally, though, everything was ready.

Spell 1bThe Tools

As a money spell, the most obvious component is, well, money. Specifically, in this case, pennies minted in 2013. I also used five tumbled gemstones and a rough crystal point as a makeshift athame. I purified all of them in salt water, within my “chalice,” for around thirty minutes.

Spell 1cThe Setup

In the very center I laid a pentagram using the copper coins. Lacking a proper altar cloth, my imagination had to suffice. Atop each coin I placed a gem; champaign-aura quartz for Fire, aqua-aura quartz for Water, angel-aura quartz for Air, prasiolite for Earth, and a celestite chip for Spirit.

Outside the pentagram, four colored candles stand sentinel. Their fire alone lights the dark room in this dark house. Beyond them lie the other symbolic instruments; a chalice sits half filled with pure water. A broken amethyst pendulum is encircled by its metal chain. Sandalwood incense burns within its ornate black soapstone holder.

The stage at last set, there is one last step before the casting begins. I meditate. I visualize the energy flowing into me, the energy of the elements, and the pale strand that connects me to the Divine and the Earth. All are made one in my mind. Taking up the crystal point, I go through the motions of the spell, solidifying it in my mind. I don’t count the minutes, I simply know when I’m ready.

Standing, I trace the pentagram with my crystal athame, starting and ending with the top of the star, the celestite piece. I hold it there for many moments, building up the energy inside of me. The words press against my lips like a river pressing against a newly formed dam; it is this hesitance to speak them that makes me know they will have significance. I feel the vulnerability that comes from knowing you’re being listened to. It is familiar. And so, crystal pointed unto Spirit, I begin the incantation.

Let prosperity cover me
Let my efforts not be in vain
Let this money return to me multiplied
And it harm none

Thus spoken, I thrust the athame toward the heart of the pentagram, binding the energy to the coins and sealing the spell. It is done. I lay the crystal point down. The hours of preparation culminated in a simple gesture, now over. Finished, I blow out the candles, one by one.

I sit in darkness. It seems too simple, I reflect. Only time will tell if it even worked. I don’t go down that road though; no use doubting myself. All the minor aches of my body that had been pushed out of my consciousness during the ritual begin returning, slowly, like strays tentatively and pitifully begging for attention and food, nosing their way into the house as you try to slip through the door.

I become acutely aware of the leaves being rustled by the wind outside, reminded of my vulnerability as I let the darkness envelop me. I do not fear the dark, but I know that stranger things lurk there. Especially on this night. Most assuredly on this night.

I will spend these pennies. I will release them into the world, bound with my intent, over the course of the next month. In doing so I make a tangible gesture, no longer a thought or a wish, that pushes my will into the world. As they trace paths unknown to me they will pass on the energy once imbued, and that energy will in turn open doors for me that I could not have anticipated. Everything must return from whence it came. The circle will close; only to begin again.

This was my first spell, but it will not be my last.

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  1. Have I ever commented that you write beautifully?
    I want to say good luck for your first spell, but I really don’t think you’ll need any. Congratulations? 🙂
    Last night I did my first spell also! A simple releasing spell, for the new year. And .. there was more. I guess I’ll have to blog about it

    • Haha, awesome. Congrats to you as well! I just read your latest post, it was very interesting.

      And thank you for the compliment. I felt the narrative approach would suit this post better. I wanted to capture the experience, rather than simply instruct. This spell is simple enough that just the picture should tell you almost everything you need to know anyway.

      If I can manage to get some dollar bills, I might cast the variation that I was originally planning on at the start of the next month.

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