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Should I pursue a career in music?

Time again for another decision spread. I wish I could find some decent five-card spreads that weren’t decision spreads, but alas. This time I’ll be exploring new career options and asking the cards: “Should I pursue a career in music?” The layout here is a little different but the positions are the same, with the left path being “yes” and the right path being “no.”

The center card representing me, or my current situation, is the Ten of Cups. Put simply, this card means “joy.” I’m looking for something that will make me happy, but also allow me to share that joy with others.

Underlying this, the shadow card here is the Ace of Swords. This says that I want something that is true, not ephemeral or superficial. I don’t want the temporary feeling of happiness as much as I want that deep and pervading sense of peace that comes from true contentment.

Pulling me toward a musical fate is Justice. The meaning here is pretty straightforward; to weight every aspect of the decision and judge it. My concern is for doing what’s right for me. The outcome of this process will be the Lovers; to do what I love and to love what I do.

Pulling me away from this is the Five of Pentacles, usually symbolizing money or health problems, pointing toward my desire for a stable income. It could also be an indicator of a subtle fear of rejection, or lack of faith in my own abilities. The outcome of this process is the Fool. Now rarely does this card actually mean foolishness as we think of it, but considering the Five this may be one of those times. If not, it could represent throwing myself to the wind and seeing where luck takes me; not a bad description of the typical job application process.

Looking at all the cards together, basically it seems that I can either make a smart decision or give in to my worries about money.  Maybe this is a sign I need to start doing something with music.

[This reading was done on 10/26/13 at 9:18pm EST]


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  1. So, uh, pretty much reinforcing my last post. Fulfillment vs Sacrifice. Each path will fulfill one need while sacrifice another. As Justice tells you, weigh this decision carefully. Perhaps it’s best to think about what you want from a career. (which I assume from the previous spread is to be The Sun.) The Ace of Swords will help in that respect.

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