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What will it take to become a rockstar?

Every once in a while I pick up a guitar, and it always manages to defeat me. My fingers don’t move easily around the fret board, and my fingernails keep me from being able to press all the way down no matter how short I cut them. I still have no idea how to tune a guitar, or even strum in G. It’s depressing. However, I haven’t given up on my dream. I wanna live the life few others can lead. So now, I’m asking the cards: “What’s it gonna take to become a rockstar?”

This is a spread I found on 365 Guitars, of all places. However, it was as an aesthetic piece rather than an actual spread, so I had to come up with my own positions. Too bad we don’t have more people coming up with real creative spreads — it would make my life a lot easier!

At the very top we have the headstock where the tuners are. The card in this position describes what attunes you; this is how you “tune in” to your spiritual side and your surroundings to harmonize. In my case it’s the Hierophant. This likely means that I fall back on discipline and structure in order become re-attuned. It could also mean that I find comfort in playing an established role.

At the top of the neck we have the first six frets carrying the lowest notes, which can tell us what relaxes you. For me it’s the Six of Wands, a card symbolizing success, achieving victory, or receiving honor or recognition. This could be true in several ways; rather than being pumped up by achievements, I revel in the sense of release and security it brings. I love to finish things, because that means it’s over. Likewise, the stress of straining to achieve something has given way to the satisfaction of having accomplished something.

Moving down fret board, the next six frets can tall us what engages you. For me it’s the Nine of Cups, suggesting that I’m most mentally and emotionally engaged when enjoying the satisfaction of getting the results that I aimed for. It’s at least very true that I feel very disengaged and unmotivated when I don’t meet my goals. I’m also a fairly sensual person (for a Knight of Swords), so that meaning fits in here as well.

The final frets compose the highest notes, and can tell us what excites you. My answer is Temperance, which would seem to say that I get excited to join with others and combine our creative, intellectual, or even physical forces in some collaborative endeavor. I’m very much a loner, so when I get the chance to throw in with a group of people — and it actually works out — it can be very exciting to accomplish something far greater than I could hope to do on my own.

The next twelve cards describe your own personal journey, with the first six focusing on yourself and the next six focusing on others. However, before we move on it’s important to address the shadow card here, which in this reading is the Three of Pentacles. This card, drawn from the bottom of the deck, elucidates the underlying theme encompassing all the cards around it. It’s the sound hole; the place where the vibrations of the strings enter to reverberate throughout the body of the guitar (Yes, I’m aware it should actually be further up. Sue me). The message of the Three of Pentacles here is one of planning, perfecting, and working as a team; highly appropriate, to say the least. This is the life of a musician, summed up in one simple card.

Now that we’ve got that covered, `let’s return to the body of the guitar. This section is set up into two simple past-present-future sections, one focusing on self, the next focusing on others.

Self – Past: Page of Swords & Three of Cups. This pairing alludes to a friendship with a Page of Swords type (or types) that fostered my desire to play music or engage music as a creative outlet. Since none come to mind at the moment, I’ll have to explore this idea further.

Self – Present: Hanged Man & Five of Wands. This pairing describes suspending action because of competing interests. There are several directions my life can move toward, which is one of the reasons I’ve been exploring my options through tarot spreads. Music is only one path among many.

Self – Future: Eight of Cups & Two of Swords. This pairing has a lot to unpack for just two cards. It speaks most loudly to me about growing weary from being in a perpetual stalemate. However, it could also be saying that I need to make sure to keep my cool as my path forces me to let go of some things I’d rather hang onto; it may be the only way to break the stalemate and end an unhealthy cycle.

Others – Past: Four of Wands & King of Pentacles. This is a curious pairing. In the future position I might have said it would point to being signed on to a record label (or something like that), but here it most likely points to enjoying the success of others and supporting them in their work.

Others – Present: Four of Swords & King of Wands. This pairing quite simply points to quietly preparing for a great creative awakening. Basically I’m waiting for the chance to join up with someone who is intensely creative and driven, who can perhaps mentor me as I begin my journey to rockstardom.

Others – Future: Two of Cups & Three of Wands. This pairing speaks of cementing a partnership (perhaps with the aforementioned King of Wands) and embarking on a journey to expand my horizons. There’s a calculating nature to the Three of Wands that appeals to the Knight of Swords in me, meaning that this isn’t a decision made lightly.

Finally we arrive at the Outcome, the place where all the other cards point to, and here that card is Justice. The message this card gives most clearly is: you’ll get out what you put in. If I want to devote myself to this craft and really make a musician out of myself, I have the makings for it. However, I can’t expect huge returns without huge investment. It may be more than I’m prepared to give right now, but if I ever decide to pursue this path, I know that I have what it takes to ultimately become a rockstar.

[This reading was done on 10/26/13 at 9:25pm EST]


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