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What do I need to focus on this week?


I’ve grown quite fond of this triad spread, so I’m using it again to ask, as I normally do, “What do I need to focus on this week?” This lets me hone in on where my priorities should be, and in general gives me options for which direction I should move in throughout the week.

The first thing that you may notice is that there’s a lot of green in this reading; as you can see, the three Pentacles cards surround the Major Arcana card, which is the shadow card here and therefore represents the major forces working in the background and the premise of the reading.

The Wheel of Fortune in the center often symbolizes a turning point or a reversal of fortune. There is a sense of movement, shifting energies that open up new opportunities – some expected, some unexpected. To me this card illustrates the chaotic energies of life being drawn in and harnessed, like a loom that weaves a tapestry out of disparate threads.

Around it we have the Two, Seven, and Eight of Pentacles. This means that issues involving money, health, and material possessions are going to be front and center for a while, commanding most of my attention.

The Two of Pentacles is all about balancing. It’s the balance of needs vs. wants, work vs. fun, and activity vs. rest. All of these are two sides of the same coin. When this card shows up, it could mean that something is out of balance, or that holding the balance that you have attained will become all the more important.

The Seven of Pentacles can point to reward, but also a time of assessment and a need to change direction. Under the influence of the wheel I’m inclined to interpret it as the latter. It could be time to change what I’m doing in regards to my material situation, and trying something new might really pay off for me.

The Eight of Pentacles belies the need for diligence and learning. Although progress may not be quick, it will come steadily if I stay on target. Whatever direction I decide to move in regarding my material circumstances, I should remain steadfast and trust that I made the right decision.

These cards all seem to reinforce each other fairly well, and while I’m sure I’ve missed some of the connections between them, I’m not blind to the overall harmony they produce. Hopefully moving forward it will become more clear what I need to do.

[This reading was done on 10/29/13 at 7:22 EST]


One Comment

  1. A very positive spread. 🙂

    One meaning of the Wheel of Fortune is “You will reap what you have sown.” This is a time when preparation, opportunity and luck meet. The Two of Pentacles implies change and balance. A change in the cycle is occurring. It is a time of rebirth and resurrection. The Seven of Pentacles implies frustration. In this case the advice is to prepare and not to overly concern yourself with the outcome. Like the Eight of Pentacles says to take joy in the craft itself.

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