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What will bring me luck this week?

In my last reading, we saw how the Wheel of Fortune’s energies were starting to play out, so somewhat appropriately my question this time is going to be “What will bring me luck this week?” Hopefully this will shine a bit more light on the matter and tell me how I ca tilt things more in my favor.

I’ll begin with the shadow card, which in this case is the Moon, meaning this reading will have a lot to do with imagination and the subconscious. It’s the shadowiest shadow card, being the card of shadows in the Major Arcana. Often it becomes a symbolic stand-in for “things you couldn’t possibly know” becoming illuminated at an unexpected time.

The first card in the triad is the Empress, which has to do with nurturing, abundance, and nature. This could be saying that the best thing I could do is to spend some time outside. It also might not be a bad idea to pay more attention to my physical state and start being more active.

The next card is Judgment. This card is fairly straightforward, and usually involves making a judgment call based on inner conviction coupled with a little critical thinking. It calls to mind the utilitarian idea of doing the “most good for the greatest amount of people.”

Last is the Knight of Pentacles, which portrays a character who is cautious, thorough, and unwavering. However, he can also be stubborn and pessimistic. What this card seems to be calling me to do is to channel those Earth energies alluded to in the previous readings, while warning me that being cautious doesn’t mean being unwilling to take a chance.

[This reading was done on 10/29/13 at 7:26pm EST]


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