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How should I start this new year?

It seems that it’s finally time to break my hiatus. I hope none of you missed me too much (not really worried about that one). January is usually a rough month for me, and this one was no exception. I spent most of it sick, laying in bed, playing Skyrim. I’ve logged around 250 hours on it at this point, which is just about a year of in-game time. That has nothing to do with this reading, though…but since I wasn’t able to do a “new-year’s” tarot reading, I figured for this one I’d ask “How should I start this new year?”

Since it just happens to be Saturday, that means I’m using the old standby; the Celtic Cross. If you don’t know how this is done…you’re pretty new around these parts, aren’t you? You can check out this post where I go through how I personally read all the card positions in a more in-depth way if you want, but for this reading I’m going to kind of breeze through, ’cause I got stuff to do. Dragons to slay and all that.

Important to note here is the shadow card, which in this case is the Seven of Wands, denoting aggression or assertiveness. It commonly has to do with going after what you want and refusing to yield. This can be a valid strategy, but it has its downsides. We’ll have to see how this idea plays out in the rest of the reading.

The Heart Of The Cards this time turns out to be the Seven of Pentacles, crossed by the Magician. My oh my, it seems that my reward will hinge greatly on my ability to perform. That’s never a good sign. There may also be undertones of a change in direction that I will need to pay attention to, and fully commit to once the time comes.

Up above we have the Tower, and oh has there never been a more appropriate card. The tower speaks on both levels here, of a physical crises (or more aptly, several minor crises in succession), and in the sense of a revelation, or at least a bringing forth of something that I’ve been ignoring. For clarification I drew the Ace of Pentacles, which tells me that the root of these issues is more physical/biological, and also could have a lot to do with money or financial issues.

Below we have Strength, which says to me that patience will win the day, and I should draw on my stores of inner strength to strengthen my resolve. Bringing this forward will be key to weathering the crisis events represented by the Tower, and will help to bring me into balance.

To the left we have the Six o Pentacles, a card representing dualities of having and not having, whether it be resources, knowledge, or power. It can mean excess, lack, or both. Considering the other cards in the spread, namely Seven of Pentacles and the World, this card seems to be about material possessions, specifically the issue of having some things at the expense of others. It carries the idea that my decisions on how to spend my money (that is, what to acquire) has in some way had an important impact on my present situation.

To the right we have the Six of Wands, often symbolizing celebrating triumph with the knowledge that things aren’t finished yet. In a sense, you’ve “arrived” at a new plateau, but you aren’t done climbing. This seems to say that if I continue on my present course, I will be vindicated. However, if I handle things badly (i.e. the Magician/Seven of Pentacles issue doesn’t get resolved), the result could be a major fall from grace, not to mention a hit to my self-confidence.

Atop the staff sits the Empress, which styles me as someone who is driven by, or to, nurturing and abundance. Having more than enough is the ideal that I chase, and is something that is very important to me as someone who always feels constantly behind the curve. It’s my nature to want to both give and receive abundantly, and not being able to do that is stifling.

Next down we have the World, often symbolizing accomplishment and fulfillment, but can just as easily represent incompleteness and lack of closure. In the context of its place in the spread, in essence this card is saying “the time is right.” How the opportunities surrounding me play out will determine on how I take advantage of them.

After that we have the King of Cups, suggesting that the crucial piece of knowledge I’ve been missing has to do with my emotions. This means that the key to unlocking my inner King of Peace has to do with what to do about them. This also has a lot to do with the Tower and how that situation gets resolved.

At the bottom of the staff rests the King of Pentacles, which seems to say that the long-term outcomes of this reading have to do with financial security and physical well-being. It encourages me, or warns me, to be a good steward of what I have, and to not let my emotions dictate my spending habits. The message here is that “cooler heads will prevail.”

So that’s it for this long overdue (and long-awaited, I’m sure) new-year’s tarot reading and end to my hiatus. I have toyed with the idea of doing two readings a day to catch up on the days I missed, and if I can manage to keep up my momentum over the next month, I might start doing that in March. It will take a bit of planning though.

Also, if you have any interesting or unusual tarot spreads, feel free to let me know! I am always looking for new spreads to try out, especially for my Sunday readings. I’d be happy to try something you’ve found or came up with yourself.

That’s all from me for today, so just remember to stay hopeful, and keep your eyes on the sky, traveler.



  1. I like the way that you put the information together and how you relate the cards to each other and the positions they occupy. That’s my hang-up I think…where it seems the muddiest to me

    • Putting cards onto context is still really difficult for me sometimes, but because I made it a priority when I first started reading, I think I’ve improved a lot, relatively speaking. I don’t have the time or energy to cross-examine every card, but I do try to point out the most obvious associations.

      That said, I had to spend a lot of time interpreting the cards as individual units before I could even do that. It helps that I do many types of readings as well, and at least for a while I was doing them every day. Plus I had people chiming in with their own perspectives, and all of that together really pushed me to get better. Tarot reading is as much art as science, so as long as you keep at it, I know in time you’ll be able to lay down cards with the best of them.

      • After 20 years (off and on) it’s still muddy waters for me…lol. The daily layout I found helps, actually. If I would just journal..I think it’d help. When I hand write, I get all the meanings down, but not really much else

  2. Some very interesting points in this spread.

    The crossed card, I find, is usually the link between the past and present cards. In this case the Six of Pentacles and the Six of Wands. Notice how only the element has changed? Furthermore the Magician can be considered the “Alchemist” of the spread with the powers to transmute one element to another. Here he transforms the steadiness of Earth into the wildness of Fire.

    The cards of the middle column tell a story of the internal self. At present the Seven of Pentacles appears. While this card speaks of work and patience, it also hints that patience is coming to an end. The Tower shows the arrival of change and revolution, but Strength is interesting. It reminds us of the animalistic, primal side of ourselves that we always keep under control but can be unleashed at any moment. Think of lightning; the charge builds up slowly to be released in a sudden bolt.

    Looking at this spread, I think of the wildfires that occur near my hometown. Fire can initially be a destructive force, but it can also be a force of renewal and growth. It removes the brush that has built up, and triggers the release of seeds.

    Overall I see that in order to reach that stability you desire, you will have to upend your world first.

    • I really like that idea of Strength being like lightning. I’ve never seen those cards linked in such a way before, but something about it is very charming to me.

      Your final statement there summarizes the thought I was going for, but my problem with getting these kinds of messages from the cards is the ‘how’ part of it. Tarot never seems specific enough to me to really answer that in a satisfactory way. I’m hoping that time will cure this, but until then I can’t help the feeling that I’m just on my own.

      • That is the question, isn’t it?
        When I truly concentrate on getting specific answers I tend to receive them. (Of course, my cards are also ridiculously literal sometimes. Of course this depends on my awareness of the problem.

        If you’re interested I can post this spread using my own cards and see whether anything else occurs to you.

      • Awareness of the problem is typically my issue, because I tend to not ask my cards “what do I do about [x]?” I usually keep it fairly general. Maybe that’s defeating the purpose, I don’t really know.

        If you would be so gracious as to post this spread with your own cards and perhaps a few of your thoughts on it, I’d be touched. The staff in particular is a bit wierd to me since it just seems to be a highlight reel of the themes I noticed in the cross. Maybe looking at it in a different context will help me see it in a new light.

      • I finally completed the reading on my site.

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