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Christmas Tree Spread

Hello my darlings. I’m finally breaking my long hiatus to bring you this super special awesome super-rare mega super-spread: the Christmas Tree! This is a spread of my own design, which I devised because the ones that I found online displeased me. Tsk tsk.

So here’s the quick and dirty breakdown:

3   4
5   6   7
8   9
10   11   12
13                            15

1 – [The Star] What guides you
2- Your ideals
3- Your will
4- Your passion
5- Your heath
6- Your resources
7- Your character
8- What strengthens you
9- What protects you
10- What nurtures you
11- What stabilizes you
12- What sustains you

[The Gifts]
13- Past
14- Present
15- Future

So now that you know how it works, let’s examine the reading that I did!

What guides you – Strength. Fairly straightforward. Whether it be mental, moral, or spiritual, having the strength to carry on is my guiding principle at the moment.

Your Ideals – Knight of Wands. I aspire to be charming, self-confident, daring, and passionate. Who has time to sweat the small stuff when adventure awaits? [Read: my brother gave me Skyrim for Christmas.]

Your Will – King of Swords. In a word: unbreakable. It’s not in me to give up. Like a sword forged from the heart of a meteor, I may bend but never shatter.

Your Passion – Six of Swords. Hardship has cooled the embers of my heart; it’s hard to be passionate when you spend all your energy recovering. However, the journey has not reached its end.

Your Health – Six of Cups. Blessings abound, and blessings in turn from me are given. I finally can enjoy a moment of vigor, and I have used that energy to spread joy the only way I know how: by baking lots of cookies.

Your Resources – Tower. It’s Christmas time, and for me that means getting a decent amount of Christmas money from parents and grandparents all at once. This is one of those rare moments when I can say without question that the Tower is most certainly a good thing here.

Your Character – Magician. Although I may not have the power of a Magician, I at least have the noble character of a Wise Man. The holiday season has been a time of taking action and being conscientious for me. I’ve also had my character tested, and not been found wanting.

What Strengthens You – Seven of Pentacles. I had just enough money to do what I needed to do to fulfill my holiday obligations, but now that it’s over I have to decide how to move on and spend the money that I was fortunate enough to recieve. Do I buy something nice for myself, or do I use the money to buy late Christmas presents for those I didn’t have time or money to shop for? Perhaps I should look to my Strength to help me decide.

What Protects You – King of Cups. Wise, calm, and diplomatic – these are all traits I have made a special effort to express this year, especially with family members who are particularly trying to my patience. I use them as a shield against negativity and frustration.

What Nurtures You – The World. Realizing my goals and using my gifts is how I find fulfillment. Sometimes this entails being engaged and involved. Other times it simply means enjoying the present moment with some hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies.

What Stabilizes you – The Empress. Being connected to the Earth and not having to worry about material things is an empowering, revitalizing thing. I feel the most grounded when I don’t have to spend the greater part of my daily energy trying to figure out how to make everything work.

What Sustains You – Six of Wands. Triumph and vindication are what make me feel alive and what motivate me to continue doing what I do. Even if it is a small success such as perfecting a recipe I have been working long and hard on, enjoying my accomplishment is an enriching experience.

[The Gifts]

Past Present –  Six of Pentacles. The constant flux of resources and, consequently, opportunity and agency in my life, has shaped me into the person that I am today. I have resource management skills I might never have developed under different conditions, and I know the value of a dollar – and a righteous person.

Present Present – The Sun. Enlightenment and vitality are qualities I am beginning to manifest. Although I have not fully developed them, I am coming into my own. Once my time of recovery has ended, I will be able to flourish and give light to others once again.

Future Present – Ten of Swords. The skill of knowing how to sacrifice is hard-learned, but the bright side of having nothing is that you can’t go anywhere but up; a silver lining if ever there was one. In any case, you know what they say: “Martyrs cannot be silenced.”

So that’s my Christmas Tree spread! I know Christmas is basically over now, but I hoped you at least enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to copy or bookmark this thread and use it next year!


I made a post a few weeks ago about how my psychic journey started, and the effect it has had on my life. I figure it’s about time I talked about how I got into tarot.

The story of how I got into tarot closely mirrors how I got into psionics, in that it started with a book; specifically, a book series called the Dresden Files. Some of you may be familiar with this series, or the TV show that spawned it. Coincidentally, I started watching the show long before I knew it was a book, courtesy of the person I mentioned in my previous post who got me back into psi. However, when she went out of my life, I stopped practicing and ignored the paranormal for a few years.

Flash forward to a couple of months ago when I decided it had been far too long since I’d been part of a roleplaying group (think D&D, not kink), and after being in a few games I discovered, much to my amazement, that there was a whole RPG system based on the Dresden Files books. This rekindled my interest in the series, and since I desperately wanted to get into a Dresden game, I decided to buckle down and read all the books. So I downloaded the pdfs to my phone and spent most of my time over the next two or three weeks laying in bed reading (it’s a long series).

Somewhere along the line, a thought started formulating in my brain-space. See, I have a fairly religious background, but prayer never really seemed to work for me. Like, I would pray for peace, but receive no peace. I would pray for sleep, but receive no sleep. I knew better than to ask for a Brand New Car! and trivial material things to that effect, but there are only a handful of events that I can point to in my life that I can say for sure were a result of my prayer.

Spellcraft, on the other hand, is a much more direct and tangible way of touching the Universe. While they are both driven by intent, I find spellcraft to be a much more focused practice. In a sense, spellcraft is a kind of prayer.

However, the version of spellcasting presented in the Dresden Files universe was a hard, gritty, scientific practice (it being an urban fantasy series after all). None of this woo-woo bullshit. Taking control of the primal forces of reality was a matter of determination, focus, and applying the correct knowledge. Press button, receive fireball.

Now, I have yet to actually cast a spell. But it was around this time period that someone I had already known and been friends with, but had taken a long hiatus from the internet, came back from her sabbatical and into my life; and it was in the course of talking about Dresden Files that I discovered that we both shared certain paranormal leanings and experiences. We talked about dreams and crystals and deja-vu.

As I neared the end of the Dresden series, my focus started shifting. I started looking up information about spellcraft. I started meditating again, with my crystal pendulums. I started writing down my dreams again. I started thinking about trying to train my intuition. And it was this line of thinking that eventually lead me to start looking at tarot decks. None of them impressed me.

That was, until I found the Shadowscapes deck. This was the one deck out of all the dozens I had looked at that made me say “Yes, I want to own this.” And from there I launched myself into articles and youtube videos about tarot reading and card meanings. I took notes on my laptop about meanings and spreads and elemental dignities; and it was in the midst of this process that I had the idea for my project, Tarot Every Day.

Now, I sat on this idea for about two weeks before I said anything about it to my friend. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fleeting interest that I had temporarily become obsessed with, so I waited for the idea to settle. After a while, I told her. She was ecstatic. It was then she revealed to me that she had been taught to read tarot and playing cards as a little girl by her mother. Although she has never taken it quite as seriously as I do, she told me she still does readings on occasion, most recently about her boyfriend.

I can honestly say that if not for her continued interest and enthusiasm, I would not have been as confident as I was walking into this project; in fact, I may not have started it at all. I am usually not one to be swayed by the opinions of others, but her support meant a lot to me, and she remains the only person in my personal life that I’ve told about my decision to start reading tarot cards. Of the people currently in my life, there isn’t anyone else whom I know would approve, and there still isn’t really anyone else I can talk to about all my thoughts, experiences, feelings, and the spiritual growth I’ve felt as a result of reading the cards.

So my deck finally arrived. And I did nothing. I didn’t have a reading cloth. I had a long list of possible questions, but no direction. I wanted to start off the project on an auspicious date, but I didn’t know what. Maybe the next full moon? I talked to her about it. I mentioned Halloween; she suggested the autumn equinox. This just so happened to fall on a Sunday, which by the rules of my project meant I would have to do a “more complicated” spread. I had just finished watching a series of youtube videos on the Opening of the Key. So that decided that.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

An open letter to the person who deleted my comments.


Dear Ms. Tarot Professional,


It has recently come to my attention that the two comments I left on one of your blog posts went mysteriously missing. I will not inquire into the nature of their disappearance – although I’m sure you know. All I can do is speculate from my own limited vantage point, based on the two subsequent posts you made on said blog, which seem to me (though perhaps I may be mistaken) to have a direct bearing on the now-absent comments mentioned before.

Firstly, had I known the power that a single comment wielded over you, perhaps I would have refrained from posting altogether. It was never my intention to throw your mind into an apparent tailspin of trying to justify your principles. Your principles are your own; I’m sure you arrived at them honestly, and you should act on them. However, by rushing to reply to my comment and then make an entire new page-long post about how it “isn’t our place” to offer “commentary” on other people’s lives when they come to us for a reading, you show a distinct lack of understanding about how other people, even within your own profession, may have differing principles of the interplay between tarot reading and counseling.

As I have already made my attempt to defend myself, and you deleted it, I see no reason to reproduce it here. Suffice to say that I don’t believe in offering unsolicited advice, personally or professionally, on other people’s relationships. I’ve learned that it’s a fool’s errand, and I’m sure you have as well.

This brings us to your behavior in response to my comments. The first post you made is not, on the face of it, offensive. In fact it comes across as a very well-reasoned response to a real issue. However, in the very first line of this post you thank “everyone” who commented on your previous post, which you link directly to. Since there are no comments on that post, I am left to assume that you deleted all of them individually or otherwise disabled comments on that post in some way. Likewise, I am left to assume that the only comments on that post were mine, or comments like mine, since I doubt you would have deleted any that backed you up or reinforced your worldview. I’m aware this may be a false assumption, but it’s the one I’m working from.

Then, in your follow-up post to your follow-up post, you go on an emotional tirade about how recent comments that have been made on your blog(s) have caused you to doubt your choice to become a blogger and subject yourself to the public forum, but that you have decided to bravely press on despite the lack of results or apparent interest in terms of attracting new clients. You then make a very interesting comment about how you genuinely welcome comments, specifically, and I quote, “All of them.” This leads me into further speculation about where those comments that I made went to. Perhaps they were eaten by a grue.

As to your description of the recent comments made on your blog(s) being “troll-ish”… I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means.

A “troll” is someone who, out of boredom or simple love of dissension, makes vitriolic and inconsiderate remarks in order to get an emotional rise out of someone. In other words, a troll enjoys pushing your buttons. While it  may very well be that you received some verbal (textual) harassment after my comments went up, since I am unaware of such comments being made and there are no comments to observe on any of the three posts you have made in the last 24 hours (as of the time of this writing), I can only assume that you incorrectly understand a troll to be “someone whose viewpoint disagrees with mine.”

This begs the question, if you disliked my comments to such a degree that it spawned such an extensive reaction, why approve them in the first place? You’re participating in a dangerous gambit here. If you had simply trashed my comment and not replied to in in the first place, neither of the two posts following it would have been necessary or warranted. However, now that those comments are gone, those posts have still become unnecessary and unwarranted, and anyone who saw our exchange in going to know what you’ve done and how you’ve behaved. Maybe you didn’t lose any followers over it, and that’s fine. Perhaps the people who follow your blog are very forgiving.

That said, I would still expect better from someone who holds a Ph.D, and is a Reiki Master, as well as an ordained minister. Your treatment of my genuine and heartfelt comments causes me to call into question the standard of professionalism which you profess to hold yourself to. I won’t deny you your years of experience or no-doubt extensive training. I will suggest that you need to be careful about setting yourself up as the arbiter of morality and rationality within your domain.

However, I still have to thank you for impressing upon me a valuable lesson. It is something that I suspected would be the wise course of action, but needed the confirmation to be sure in my choice, which is to continue to hold the professional tarot industry at arms-length. I realize now that I have no place within the framework of the established system, as your comments have been a sterling example of the sense of entitlement and privilege that seems to run rampant within it. This is not to say that I will forego forming relationships with other tarot readers, or that I will cut off those whom I have already befriended. I simply have no interest in associating with those who wear the title “professional” as a badge of honor.

I’m sure that if you ever see this, you will consider it to be a childish rant in response to your sage decision to spare the sensitive public from harmful ideas. However, to those others who come across this letter, I hope that they see some value in my voicing my concerns.

Grace & Peace,


So, you may remember that I said I’d be kicking off Tarot Every Day today. And you may remember that I said I was using the Shadowscapes tarot. Well, a couple of things happened.

One, I did start doing my reading today, at around 4:50. I finally ripped my deck out of its plastic sheath and started shuffling. That was a big mistake. It wasn’t until halfway through the reading that I discovered that my deck was smuggling several doubles. If I had taken the time to thumb through the deck I probably would have noticed right away.

However, I probably wouldn’t have even caught it if I hadn’t chosen the Opening of the Key as my first tarot spread. I know what you’re thinking, I must be crazy to do such a hard spread for my very first time using tarot cards. Yeah. Probably. But I figure since it was a special occasion I figured I’d be able to pull it off. And honestly, OOTK isn’t a hard spread to DO, mechanically. It’s just a lot of information to take in, and a lot of interpretation to do.

What I decided to do was record each stage and interpret it later. I honestly don’t know the cards well enough to interpret them on the fly, but the meanings are kicking around in my subconscious somewhere. So that was always the plan. The problem was, I got through the second operation twice before I found all the doubles (I really suck at counting things). And then I had to take a break and eat some ice-cream to take the edge off my frustration. Plus I took pictures of every phase.

So here I am, three and a half hours later with a splitting headache, writing this to tell you that the writeup for tonight’s reading might not get posted until tomorrow. But I feel really good about it. A lot of things came together in that last reading to make me feel like maybe the stress was worth it, and that I’m going to be glad I went and did it anyway instead of doing something easier or giving up completely.

So to abate your suspense I will point you to this webcomic. (No it doesn’t have anything to do with tarot other than the name.) It’s a finished comic, and I read it ages ago, but because of it I had to laugh every time the Queen of Wands came up in my reading. Hope you enjoy it!

We’ve all done it. You pick up the magic 8-ball, ask your question, give it a shake, and get…“Don’t count on it.” So what do you do?

You shake it again, obviously.

Getting a bad reading is kind of an occupational hazard in the tarot world. You pick up the cards with a question burning in your mind, and the cards just don’t tell you what you thought they would. I understand. So here are a few ways to deal with a spread that seems to say negative things about you or your question.

Make up a meaning. Don’t like what a card is telling you? Come up with your own interpretation! Is that Death card in your relationship spread sending a message you don’t like? Well, now Death means taking a trip to the ice-cream shoppe. Tarot reading is fun when you can make the cards mean whatever you want them to!

Ignore it. If a card seems to be saying something you disagree with, remove it from the spread. You can either ignore it completely or shove it back into the deck and draw a new card to replace it. Tarot cards don’t know how to handle rejection, and are very needy and eager to please.  Chances are the next time you draw the card it will have much more pleasant things to say.

Insult the card’s mother. Tarot cards are very sensitive, so a good way to get one to do what you want is to make it feel bad about itself. Self-esteem issues are rampant among tarot cards, and they tend to cave easily under pressure. For good measure, make sure to mention its bad complexion and weight issues.

Put the card in time-out. Sometimes the best way to discipline a negative tarot card is to remove it from your deck for a few weeks. See how your deck feels without the card in it. You may decide to do without the card from now on. Make sure to tell the card’s friends that they’re better off without that loser.

Burn your deck. Sometimes the cards get together to conspire against you. If your deck gives you too many bad readings, it may be time to teach your cards about the Ultimate Sacrifice. Burning your deck will purify all the negative energy that it has accumulated talking about you behind your back. Just make sure to do it indoors in a well-ventilated area.

So I hope these tips have been helpful for you. If these solutions don’t work for you, don’t give up! It may be time to get creative. If this post gets enough likes I will release part two in this 17-part series of “What To Do About Your Tarot.” Don’t forget to comment, rate, and subscribe!

It’s true that everyone brings something different to the tarot table. Ask a hundred people to read a tarot spread and you’ll have two hundred and a half opinions. Surely some of it has to do with the way a person learns tarot; some people are raised with it while others, like myself, are very new and bombarded with everyone’s different styles and techniques. However, I’ve been noticing some trends and I wanted to make it clear what my personal process is.

The card is the picture. I see a lot of tarot readers, even veterans of the field, who focus primarily on the card’s picture to inform their interpretation of the card. I have some problems with this. Firstly, every card has a traditional meaning that is then interpreted by the artist, which is then interpreted by you, the reader; and most likely the “traditional” card meaning was drawn from some artists rendering in the first place. That’s a few too many degrees of separation for me.

Plus, every deck has a different depiction of every card. Most people choose a deck that resonates with them the most to do their regular tarot readings, even if they have many decks. Going this route, though, the best thing to do would be to cherry pick individual cards and build a custom deck. I haven’t ever seen anyone do this. It could be that it has more to do with the fact that there’s no standard card size, so tarot decks can come in all shapes and sizes, but I haven’t even seen the idea suggested.

I would rather have the ability to forgo the picture altogether and accurately read a spread just by the names of the cards rather than make myself dependent on how a particular card’s picture makes me feel.

It’s all connected. In life, events rarely come about as the result of one cause. Rather, it is many smaller causes cascading together in parallel processes. You don’t “grow up” one day when you decide to become an adult; it’s a process. And since Tarot represents life, I think the best way to read a spread is that it describes the process that your question is a part of. That means that you have to interpret each card in relation to the others, as their meanings bend around each other into one cohesive whole.

It’s elementary. Some people consider elemental dignities very important. Basically, elemental dignities describe how the elemental affiliation of the card itself and the position it takes in the spread colors the interpretation of that card. I think this is pretty interesting, if not exactly necessary, so I’ll be going into it for more advanced readings as well as whenever it seems particularly intriguing or poignant.

Your fate is in the stars. You can hardly throw a stone without hitting an astrology junkie in a crowd of paranormal enthusiasts. Some people pay close attention to star signs and lunar cycles when parsing out a tarot spread. Since these forces are global in nature, I would choose to apply their meaning to the final interpretation of the whole spread, rather than to each individual card. I probably won’t bring this up much, but I will be recording the time and date of each tarot reading in case anyone wants to investigate it for themselves.

Numerology. No

Make a day of it. In some practices, especially witchcraft, the day of the week, and sometimes the time of day, are very important to the endeavor you are setting out on. For example, Thursday is associated with wealth, and so is the best day to cast a money spell. (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.) In terms of tarot readings this is probably one of the weaker influences, but if it becomes relevant to a reading then I will be sure to bring it up.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. One thing that gets pounded into your head when you start learning how to read tarot is that the emotional state of the reader and the asker are very important. A lot of people say it’s almost never a good idea to do your own readings because it’s too easy to make the cards say what you want them to say. Doing a reading to see whether you and your boyfriend will get back together? Of course you will. It’s in the cards, after all!

However, I really don’t think I’ll have a problem with this. For one, all my readings will be published (or at least 365 of them will be). If I make a bad call, there will be plenty of opportunity for people to call me out on it. For two, hindsight is 20/30. I can always go back over past readings and see if I made a mistake because I wasn’t objective enough. For three, I’m not treating the tarot as gospel. At best, the tarot will be a compass for me to point myself in the right direction. There’s no need for me to get caught up in a reading if the cards say something I don’t like.


So I hope that clears up some things. I wanted to go over this before we really get into the project, so that I can just point to this post if people ask about it. My plan is to do my first reading on Sept. 22, at 4:44, the autumn equinox. After that I will probably do my readings at night, and post about it some time before midnight (no promises).

If you have any other questions about my methods, this post is a great place to ask.

Some time ago I decided to seriously get into tarot. Though the path was winding, in some sense it almost seems inevitable. I have always had a passing interest in the occult and tarot cards, but only more recently did I decide to delve into the history and meaning of the cards, and see if there was anything really to it.

One of the first things I learned was that most people see tarot as a way to uncover secrets that will let them divine the future. This is not so. Tarot readings are designed to divine the PRESENT, and show you how your present reality has been influenced by your past and how it can affect your future—if things continue the way they are. As such, every tarot reading is firmly centered in the present moment, and although many (and I think it would even be fair to say, most) tarot spreads incorporate future outcomes, this is not their primary purpose.

Another thing I learned is that the prevailing opinion today is that there is no magic in the cards themselves; any spiritual or magical power is channeled through you, the asker. This was my personal belief already, but it was interesting to find that most people now are of a like mind. I think many people who are only tangentially familiar with tarot believe that the cards themselves have a mystical, perhaps even nefarious nature and will of their own. This is simply not the case. Just as the words of the Bible only become holy as we read, interpret, and internalize them, so the cards of the tarot only become holy when we analyze and understand their meanings and significance within the individual readings.

From that starting point I began to seriously research the background and suggested interpretations for the cards. If you are not familiar with them there are a few YouTube videos I could point you to. If you still cling to the idea that tarot cards were created with some mystic purpose, the History Channel can cure you of that notion. They basically started out as a regular playing card game consisting of the minor arcana, which the wealthy then modified to include the major arcana, or “trump cards.” These later decks were then picked up by occult mystics and given symbolic meanings.In modern terms, It would be as if Margot Adler or David Lynch had picked up Pokemon cards and arbitrarily assigned some mystical attribute to each one. (Actually a Pokemon-themed tarot deck sounds awesome, now that I think about it.)

That said, let me return to my earlier point of the cards not having any inherent magical power. The tarot is a tool for your subconscious mind to tell you stuff. That’s it. The deck serves as an outlet for your subconscious to tell you things it wouldn’t otherwise have a way to tell you so directly. This is why it is important to be familiar with the card meanings BEFORE you try to do any readings. I will say that if you have trained yourself to listen closely to your intuition to the point where you can almost audibly hear it, or you are a master of lucid dreaming, tarot probably won’t be any more effective than those methods of exploring your subconscious. If you want to supplement or confirm your experiences though, or you just think the cards are cool, tarot ain’t bad.

After all this research, however, I am only just beginning my tarot journey. Now that I know the history of the tarot and the symbolism of the cards, the only thing left is to, well, actually do a reading. I didn’t buy a beautiful tarot deck just to do ONE reading though. That’s why, in an effort to really learn the cards and be proficient in reading them, I have decided to begin a project I call “Tarot Every Day.” As you can imagine, this involves doing one tarot reading every day for an entire year. Three hundred and sixty-five days of readings. This is an all-or-nothing venture, my friends, because I am an all-or-nothing kind of person.

The rules are thus:

Every week day Monday – Thursday I will do a simple three card spread asking a different question each day. The question should be a simple one, such as “what have I forgotten?” or “what will bring me good luck?”

On Friday I will do a five card spread, with a question that is a little more meaningful, such as “how can I restore my hope in humanity?”. If clarification is needed, I will shuffle and do a second pull for each card, or at least the card I need the most clarification on.

On Saturday I will do a Celtic Cross reading, and ask a pressing question that has been on my mind. This could be an elaborated version of a question I asked earlier in the week, a question about a recurring problem I keep having, or a question about where my life is going in general.

On Sunday I will do a more advanced tarot spread, such as the Tree of Life or the Dragon. These will be about the overarching themes in my life, questions about God and spirituality, and the most important questions I have about myself. If clarification is needed, I will do a four-card spread — likely the tetragrammaton.

In the course of doing these readings, I will explain what each spread means the first time I do it. Every post thereafter I will point to these descriptions instead of explaining it all again. This will cut down on time and word-counts, and avoid trying the patience of people who have already read the previous posts. All readings done will be for myself. I will not be doing any readings for other people, or if I do, for some reason, I won’t be posting it to the blog. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be confident enough in my ability to do a tarot reading on demand (should I choose to accept the request) without needing to pore over notes or consult the vast collective intelligence known as the internet.

It will be an interesting year.