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Tarot Resources

These are the websites I visit to inform my understanding about tarot cards

Learn Tarot

This website has several one-sentence examples for each facet of the card’s meaning. It is thorough while being concise. This is the site I visit most often, usually the first website I go to when interpreting a card.

James Ricklef

This blog has a page with organized links to all of James’ posts about the Major and Minor Arcana, separated into “pithy” meanings and “spiritual” meanings. Pithy meanings are short one-or-two-sentence explanation of the core of the card’s meaning; like a proverb. Spiritual meanings are two or three paragraphs exploring the main idea of the card and the subtle ways it shows up in our lives.

ATA Resources

James Rioux of the American Tarot Association has written out several paragraphs on each card based on his personal experience with them. This page is part of the ATA’s old website, most of which is broken, although some parts of it persist. If you want to reach the new website, it’s here.

Psychic Revelation

This site breaks down every card into how it relates to the aspects of work, love, finances, health, and spirituality. It has a short description of each, as well as a general meaning for the card.


Camelia Elias’ blog has several pages with advice on reading tarot cards, playing cards, Lenormand, and fortune-telling in general. She also has posts on using tarot cards in spells, and using them as inspiration for writing stories.

Tarot Spreads on Pinterest

56 tarot spreads all gathered for your convenience. Ranging from simple to complex, this is a great quick resource for when you just can’t find the spread you want.

Psychic Resources

These are websites that offer information and/or training on psychic abilities.

Psionics Online

Spiritual successor to, which was the first website I ever visited when investigating psychic abilities. It has tutorials on several techniques including ESP, lucid dreaming, and energy manipulation. It also has a (somewhat) active forum and chat community.

Veritas Society

This is a website similar to Psionics Online, with articles on Psi as well as Dao (qi) and other spiritual and metaphysical practices.

Aura Color Meanings

This is the reference page I use when I need to look up specific colors for aura meditation. The website also has information on reiki, kundalini, and chakras.

Binaural Beats

Also called Binaural Tones, this is the technique of using two different tones/pitches to achieve a sort of third pitch “resonance” that is created completely within the brain. It requires earbuds or headphones that completely cover the ears. This is often used for “brain entrainment” meditation. You can listen to songs that use binaural tones, or simply listen to the tones themselves. ! Be careful, not everything labeled “binaural” really is. If you check each ear piece individually and hear a different tone in each one, it’s binaural. !


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