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What should my priority for this week be?

Just a simple three-card reading for today. I decided to ask the question “What should my priorities for this week be?” using the Problem – Obstacle – Solution spread.

Problem – Two of Wands. This card is about taking initiative and achieving goals. That would mean that my problem has something to do with losing focus or lacking personal power or drive. As a Two, it could also point to some indecisiveness on my part.

Obstacle – King of Swords. This is a curious card to draw here because I often take it as a symbol for my idealized self as the Knight of Swords. In its position as the obstacle, though, it seems reasonable to interpret the meaning as Reversed. This could mean that my natural intellectual energies are being blocked. Again the lack of decisiveness shows itself.

Solution – King of Wands. This card is about being creative and inspiring. The themes of boldness and charisma seen in the Two of Wands are present here. However, more eminent is the idea of getting things done. The thought seems to be that doing something – anything – will help me to clear my head and get back on track.

Taking a bird’s-eye view for a moment, the cards together seem to be saying that I am presented with a choice — I can either be the King of Swords or the King of Wands. Both the matching suits and the positions of the cards in the spread seem to indicate that the King of Wands is the better choice in this situation. I will try to take this advice to heart as I work through this next week.