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What do I need to know about starting a career in music?

Time again for the Celtic Cross to make an appearance. To gain more clarification on the previous reading, I asked the question “What do I need to know about pursuing a career in music?”

The center card happens  to be the Eight of Pentacles, and the card crossing it turns out to be the Five of Swords. To me this says that I have  a lot to learn before I’m ready to embark on this journey, and setting out before I’m ready could result in losing sight of my ideals and getting caught up in self-absorption.

To the left is the Ten of Wands, which suggest struggling or fighting an uphill battle. This is how I always feel when I try to learn more about music, or increase my musical talents; whether this be learning a new instrument or trying out a new music program. God knows the hours I’ve spent poking around in Audacity trying to figure out how to do stuff.

To the right is the Seven of Swords, a card suggesting theft, lies, or dishonor in my future. This could be interpreted either as people stealing my work, or my own temptation to try to make money off of the work of others (doing covers, etc). In a more general sense it points to the feeling of “getting away” with something, which may simply be a factor of being in awe that I can make a living off of creating music while others have to work a 9-5 office job.

Above is the Tower. This could be either a shocking revelation or a dismantling of my comfort zone, but in its position at the top of the cross I think I prefer to interpret it as the effect that I go for when I create music, as in creating something that inspires others, or otherwise the inspiration that  I need in order to really cut loose and create something of high quality.

Below is the Ace of Wands. This is the raw creative power waiting to be unleashed, that I have yet to tap into. It brings a source of confidence and courage that I can rely on, knowing that what I do is appreciated by others.

Topping the Staff is the World, signifying my desire to take on the world and accomplish amazing things. It also shows my willingness to collaborate and get involved in the musical community. Most of all though, it’s my search for fulfillment that drives me.

Next is the Two of Cups, which seems to imply an environment of sharing and reinforce that idea of collaboration. I see people doing cool things together and I want to be a part of it. I’m attracted to the lifestyle that musicians seem to lead, as well as the connections they seem to make as a result of honing their craft.

Next down is Temperance, foreshadowing a great need for balance and avoiding excess. Again this idea of cooperating with others is repeated. However, this card seems to be saying I shouldn’t push myself too hard in pursuit of my goals — basically to not stretch myself too thinly and get involved in more projects than I can handle.

Finally we come to the Ace of Swords as the Outcome, or the result which all present energies are flowing to. The primary meaning here, I think, is clarity. At the end of the road all doubts will be dispelled and I will have a clear understanding of my calling, as well as the tools of my craft. For better or for worse, I will see things as they really are. Where I go from there, one can only surmise.

[This reading was done on 10/26/13 at 9:25pm EST



  1. Still seeing the same message from before… Though I guess by now we’re both seeing the same things. 🙂

    • A-ha, I see you’ve been busy. But yes, I had kind of had those thoughts lurking in the back of my mind when I did the readings, and as time went on the theme became more apparent, although I didn’t put it as concisely as you did; I need to get a lot better at noticing and making sense of patterns. I am considering making flash cards of keywords to help my brain make more connections between cards, instead of focusing on interpreting them individually.

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